Chapter 49

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"This is it."

I grip onto the silver handle before turning it open. The room flickered with light as Talon and I entered. Stone burial coffins lay out across the room with shelves all along the room. Each shelf contains a glass container and some other form of chemicals.

"So it is true. What my father said about the secret basement that holds the dead of past Elementals. This is just horrible." I said staring at the glass containers which hold the elements of those decease Elementals.

Talon walks along the wall scanning the various elements and chemicals. He disappeared around the corner while I walk closer to one of the tombs. I trace the carvings on the tombs as I glance down at it. The tombs had no names engraved on them. They had nothing.

"I'm so sorry they have stripped you of your power, of your heart and your title. They left you bare and broken. An incomplete soul who will wander the Earth until you can find yourself again. Please forgive these people for the cruel act that was placed upon you and their vicious agenda whatever that might be. Forgive them for their sins as humans." I whispered as a tear scroll down my cheek and landing on the tomb.

"Winter." I hear Talon said in a soft tone causing me to turn towards him.

"I think your mother is in here. I can feel her power inside this room. It's strong." Talon said showing me the way.

As I approach the door, I felt it. I felt her power, her love and her kindness. The light glow illuminating from the bottom the door leaked out. The lightness of the power felt like her and her wonderful kind nature. I turn the handle to find it lock.

"It's lock," I said trying again and again.

"Winter, we don't have the key to access the door." Talon said with his hand on my shoulder, but I continue to keep trying.

"I think you would find this place quite interesting especially considering your family background." a voice from outside the room spoke.

I quickly look at Talon who looks towards the door before pulling me to a corner. He forms a shadow in front of us so that no one would be able to see through. He pulls me closer and holds me tightly.

The door of the room creaks open and light refills the room again, the sound of footsteps enter the room. Talon holds me tighter against him before taking a quick peek and mouth to me that it was Elder James. I felt angry and hurt at this truth.

"Take a minute to look at this marvellous collection, I took us many years to collect them all. We plan to use them carefully for our new project." Elder James said.

"They truly are amazing, but it's sad to see it being used by people with no purpose to use them at all." We heard him pick up one of the glass jars on the shelves.

"It really is a shame." a very familiar voice replied.

"Isn't that right, Elder Charles?" Elder James said.

I quickly look at Talon who also seemed shocked at this news. I wanted to kill Charlie for agreeing. I want to kill him right now for this betrayal.

"So will you join our group and our wish to gain all these power?" Elder James said putting back the jar.

"I will once you show me where my useless mother is." Elder Charles said causing me to feel murderous but Talon hold me tighter as if making sure I don't do anything.

"Mhm, It seems like you are aware of your mother being here. Very well, the room up ahead is where your mother lays." Elder James said walking into our view and opening the door.

I see Charlie walk behind him with a serious face, one that I had never seen him have. Nothing could replace this hurt of betrayal nor hate I feel for Charlie now.

"Alright, I will help you in your goals." Elder Charles said before disappearing off with Elder James.

When the coast was clear, we open the door leading to my mother's room and switched on the lights. One by one each light flutter into the room drawn in by my mother's presence. A bright light illuminated from a glass casing.

As I approach the glass casing, Talon took a hold of my hand and squeeze it. I felt my heart pounding against my chest as I step in front of it. I hold my hand against my mouth as I see my mother's beautiful face. The tears that I was so desperately holding back came down like cats and dogs. I felt Talon behind me.

"She looks so beautiful even though death has stolen her from you and your family. You, her daughter resemble her so much and her kindness." Talon said hugging me from behind.

"If only her kindness was repaid, if only the world didn't kill her for her beauty and her gracious heart. If only..." I tried to say more, but Talon hugged me tighter and silence my rambling.

"I'm sorry Winter, I wish we could do something about this, but we can stop them from doing any more harm than danger. We can stop all of this pain and sadness. Let me handle it, I don't want to see you in pain anymore." Talon said kissing the back of my head.

"No, I want to do this. I want to stop them, Talon." I said wiping away all the tears.

"Then we shall. I'll be here every step of the way." Talon said before waiting outside of the room for me.

I place my hand onto the glass to feel no heat radiating from it. I wanted that heat so badly. I wanted it to revive her.

"Mom..." I whispered staring at her scarless face.

"If only the world weren't trying to fight against our people. If only humans were pure hearted but don't worry Mom, I will revenge your unfortunate death. Even if I have to die for your justice."

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