Chapter 51

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Talon had been going on and on about where in the academy we are going to attack first but I just stare off through my window with my arms around my knees. My heart slowly thumps against my cold legs.

"Talon. Can you leave the room please?" I asked

"Why?" He asked looking up from the plans on the floor.

"Talon. Please just go," I whispered feeling my heart breaking.

He opened his mouth to speak but closed it as if speaking was a crime to speak in my room, maybe it was. While picking up our plans, he gave me one last look before slamming the door on his way out.

Maybe I had made him mad but then again I manage to do that anyway. The only thing floating around in my mind was the image of Duke leaving me alone. It felt so cold, a feeling I once was so familiar with, has finally returned back to me.

Maybe I was selfish to think Duke will talk to me after 2 months of avoiding him and setting things up with Talon. He probably got the wrong idea. Oh god, how stupid am I? I'm such a horrible person.

I wonder how my mother feels looking down at her daughter who is groaning in despair because she couldn't do the right thing. I don't know what is right anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. I just wished I had my mother with me to help me, is that so cruel to ask of somebody?

Little did I knew that my room had turned into ice while I was silently ranting to myself. I stare at the ice around me, I need to make sure I could control my emotions before the final day. I wouldn't want Talon to go on a rampage for my head for messing up the plan.

Suddenly this pungent smell of lavender filled my room, my nostrils and throat burned at the smell. Where was it coming from? I get up from my bed but I stumbled as I feel very unbalanced.

With a hand on the wall, I lean against it panting for air. What was happening to me? My vision started to blurred as I stagger to the door to my room. However, the icy floor made me fall down to the floor as I felt the energy being ripped away from my body.

I stared at the door as I felt my eyelids slowly closing with every blink. It felt like that door was teasing me by moving in a very wavy motion. Why was I so sleepy? A dark figure appearred in front of me. Before the darkness would overtake my body, I whispered to the figure.


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