Chapter 41 (Duke's POV)

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"I would appreciate it if you took your filthy hands off my daughter. She ain't any toy or teddy bear, you know. If you don't then I will cut off both of your hands and plant them in the garden for the dogs to use it as a fire hydrant." He said.

"I'm sorry old man but you are not using my hands as a place for your dogs to pee. Also I don't think of her as a toy but a beautiful person. So I wouldn't be going around sending empty threats to someone you don't know." I replied glaring at him.

Black forms started to appear around him. Swirling as if waiting to be used by its master. It was undeniably creepy and unnatural. It was like mist but at the same time look like poisonous murky water.

"Boy, don't mess with me." He said walking towards Winter.

Before he could even touch Winter, I moved in front of her to block him. I didn't want his filthy and murderous hands on her. His hands were far dirtier than mine. I wasn't going to let him taint her with his sins.

"Don't. Touch. Her." I said as fire started circling around me as a warning sign.

"You think a bit of fire will scare me, little boy. You still got a lot to learn and she is my daughter. I'm allowed to touch her." He said.

"Duke, don't antagonise him." Winter whispered behind me.

"Duke, don't antagonise him." He mocked her before smirking at me.

"Hiding behind a man as a shield. Isn't that quite weak of you, my dear. Didn't I taught you and your brother not to be weak, especially your mother. You are such a pathetic, worthless daughter. I thought I taught you better than this." He said as Winter flinched behind me as he mention her mother.

I felt my anger boiling as he was mocking his own daughter and telling her how worthless of a daughter she was. He couldn't see the beauty she had or the amazing things she did. Mostly he couldn't see that she decided not to grow up as a monster like him.

"At least she is not a monster unlike you. How could you tell your own daughter such things! What kind of a father are you?!" I shouted at him before throwing fire at him.

"Duke, don't!" Winter shouted from behind me.

The fire was aimed straight at her father's chest before it hit him. It was engulfed in the black flames. The hot flame disappeared into the unknown flames that continue burning away it. I grit my teeth together as my attacked didn't work on him.

"Damn it." I hissed under my breath.

I look up to see the man chuckling to himself as he had managed to blocked my attack. How? What was that flame? and Why did it burn away my flames?

"Duke, your flames won't work on him. His element is not like anything you have seen before." Winter whispered behind me.

"Is that all you've got, boy?" He taunted me making me even anger.

I quickly glared back at Winter's father before making fire appear around him. Circling him like prey. The room started to heat up as the flames got strong and bigger. I watched as my flames engulfed him. My hope increase as I hope this did the trick.

Suddenly the flames disappeared as if it was never there in the first place, revealing the smug looking man. I was getting anger and anger by the second. I didn't understand why my powers weren't working against him.

I felt a pair of cold hands on my back. The cold flooded throughout my body, somehow taming the hot temper rising in me. I turn my head to look down at Winter as she look back up at me. I felt calm as she smiled back at me.

"Duke, calm down. Your flames aren't going to work on him especially with his dark flames. Let me fight him." She said looking up at me.

"No." I replied looking back at her father who was just standing there watching us.

"Duke." I heard her start.

"No, Winter. I have a thing I need to finish with him. I'm not letting you get your hands dirty without mine getting dirty first. I won't let you suffer from this man anymore." I whispered back.

"Oh how sweet. My daughter has her own knight in shining armour. Isn't that nice?" He said with an evil grin.

Without warning, Duke charged towards the man with fire around his hands. Duke punches the man in the jaw causing him to take a few steps back. Winter's father stares shocked at the ground. He reaches to rub his jaw before looking back at a furious Duke. His smile wides on his lips.

"Bring it boy."

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