Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"So how was training?" Charlie asked while looking at the menu.

I had a different mask on. It's was like the one I used for council meetings, but it was covering my eyes.

"It was ok. Though I wanted to ask you a question." I said before drinking my water.

"About?" He asked.


"You seem to have taken a liking to that boy." He said drinking his water while eyeing me.

"Who said I've taken a liking to him but I just wonder is he always isolated that's all." I muttered.

"Good cause I don't want you like him or getting close to him." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I said so." he replied.

I was about to say something, but the waiter comes by.

"Hello, my name is Terry. I'll be your waiter tonight. So what can I get you both?" He smiled.

"I will have a house steak, medium with mash potatoes." I smiled.

"Ok. A house steak, medium with mash potatoes for the beautiful lady." The waiter said staring at me.

"The young man, would you like me to call the manager? Don't I think that he/she would like to know you're slacking off now? I think I'll have same as my companion if you don't mind and water." He snarled.

The waiter gulps and quickly runs away with our order like Charlie was going to kill him.

"I won't be surprised if our food doesn't arrive at all or we'll have a new waiter." I said.

"He was looking at you like a piece of meat." He muttered.

"Charlie, does it look like I care?" I said placing my hand on his.

"Still." He said.

"Do I need to send you anger management class, again?" I said.

Our food arrived at my surprised, but I wasn't surprised to see that the waiter was now a lady. She keeps giggling every time she was looking at Charlie eating. Such a weird girl, watching people eating.

"You're quite weird. Watching people eat." I stated to the girl making her blush and run away.

"Jealous?" He winked at me. I snorted.

"Why would I be jealous about a little girl serving you food cause you are the one paying her? If I was the manager I would fire her when I saw her wearing the waitress outfit more exposed than needed. Unlike you I don't like having that in my face when I'm ordering or eating. I would have a stomach watching that while eating." I stated.

"Sounds to be like you're jealous." He said while smirking.

"Why don't you answer my question already?" I asked.

"Why are you so interested in Duke?" He replied.

"Argh you can be so irritating sometimes especially when you avoid the questions that I ask." I said.

"And you can be very cute when you are angry, milady."

"Answer my god damn question." I said.

"No thanks, Grumpy Pants. Another day." he said.

"You can cut that milady crap, already." I banging my head against the table causing some people to look at me in the dinner.

I felt a hand stroke my hair softly.

"You're impossible." I whispered faking a sob.

"But you still love me." He said smirking.

"More like I hate you."

"Whatever you say milady." He said probably smiling knowing him.

"You're enjoying annoying me right now aren't you."


"Answer my god damn question." I said.

"No thanks, Grumpy Pants. Another day."

"Can we go now?" I said looking away from him.

"Ok." He prayed for the dinner before walking me back to my room.

"We should have dinner more often." He stated happily.

"I should kick you more often." I grumbled.

"That's not nice milady." He said.

"Says the guy who needed me to teach his classes because he's afraid of the council lecturing his ass off for missing several meetings." I said smiling knowing I won.

"You still haven't told me who hurt you that day." He muttered.

"Cause I said that it wasn't important." I answered.

"It is to me, milady." He said kissing my hand.

"You can seriously stop kissing my hand. It's annoying and I hate having your saliva on it." I said removing my hand from his.

"Maybe I should torture them and find out who did it." He said.

"Good luck with that."

"Can I come in for a while?" He asked.

"Yeah sure." I said opening the door.

He walks in and takes a seat on my bed. He then proceed to lie down and close his eyes as if he was sleeping.

"You better not sleep here. If not you might find yourself sleeping the public toilet right outside school where it's nice and cold." I said.

"Yeah yeah. You wouldn't dare do that." He said while smiling.

Oh how I wish you knew how badly I wanted to do that.

I was about to close the door but a hand stops it from closing.

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