Chapter 28 (Duke's POV)

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"Sir! We have a problem!" a council member burst through the doors.

"What is it?" Elder James said frantically. 

"The City of Caliber has been attacked. They request immediate backup," the council member said so fast that it was making me dizzy. 

"What?!" Talon and Charles exclaimed. 

I looked towards Charles who looked as pale as blank paper. I have never seen him so scared in my entire life. Normally he was always calm and collected but here he was looking like he just peed his pants. 

"What is it?" I asked him. 

"It couldn't be..." He said before running out the room. 

"Charlie!" Talon shouted trying to get him back. 

"Why did he ran off?" Elder James asked Talon. 

Talon sighed causing me to glare at him. Why weren't they tell us everything? Why were they keeping things a secret? 

I walked towards Talon and pull him by his shirt. 

"Again?!" He said glaring back at me. 

"What is going on, liar? You guys aren't telling us the whole truth and I'm getting sick of you by the second." I growled at him. 

"Fine, I'll tell you. Just put me down." He snaps at me.

I dropped him after that. He quickly rearranges his shirt and looks at me then the Elders. Like the Elders ever did anything. He sighed before speaking. 

"Charlie thinks, this could possibly be the work of Winter or their father." He said causing me to panic.

"Why?" I asked causing Talon to sigh again. 

"We can't possibly tell you everything in just a few hours, you know but the people of Caliber weren't the nicest of people. They used to bully us, orphans and Winter had it worst because she was different from other children. If Winter ever turned evil, the first place she would go for revenge would most likely be The City of Caliber." Talon said. 

I froze.  

"See. I'm not like you. I control all these Elements where else all of you only have one. I'm more dangerous and if I get out of hand. I could hurt one of you and that isn't what I nor the Elders want. I don't want to hurt anybody this way. I makes me feel like a monster."

She would never hurt anybody like that. The amount of hurt and passion that was on her face that night. I could never imagine Winter doing any of those things. Her first priority was to protect not kill or hurt. You could already tell when she talk passionately about how we Elementals don't care. How she was so angry at Fay for not wanting to help. That was Winter's personality. To always help, care and protect people. 

"I am going to go to The City of Caliber. You Elders should call the Jeffery to come join but ask Mike and Fay to stay, in case of anything." I said to the useless Elders. 

Those Elders could very well be replaced with plants and nobody will notice. It was only their titles that made them so powerful. 

"I'm coming with you," Talon said behind me. 

"No." I said. 

"I said I am coming with you." Talon growled at me this time. 

"I said No. We don't need you." I growled back. 

"You might not need me but Winter does. Plus I might know what her father might be doing or if it's his magic or powers is presence." He fight back. 

Winter doesn't need you. You might think that she needs you but I know what she needs. She need me.

"It still doesn't change anything between us."

Her feelings are strong and passionate. We share that together. I know how she feels and the reasons why she does it. We can connect and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have that connection with this idiot.

"Duke." I looked back at Elder James. 

"Let the boy go with you. He knows what her father is like. After all he was controlled by him."

"Fine but let me get this straight before we go." I said looking at the lovestrucked idiot. 

"Winter is mine. Not yours. I will kill you if you think that she is yours. She doesn't deserve to be with someone that only loves her because he thinks that she only wanted to save him because she loves him." I warned him. 

"Is that a challenge?" He argued back at me making me give him a death glare. 

"Says the guy that was waiting for a girl in shinning armour rather than being a man about it." I said. 

"You're being sexist. She would say so." Talon said almost making me punch him. Almost.

"Duke, you should go before it's too late." Elder James said.

I head towards the door with Talon following me like a puppy. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Elder Bertha. 

"Duke. Please bring her back safe and sound. I would kill myself, if she has turned evil. Please bring her back." Bertha said looking at me with tears in her eyes.

I nod towards her before leaving for The City of Caliber.


As we entered the city, I saw Charles just standing there. I jumped off my horse and ran towards him but stopped as I saw the sight infront of me.

Everything was black and burnt. The whole city looked as if it was swept away by a giant fire tsunami. I just couldn't believe that the whole city was burned down. All these innocent people that lived here, no matter how mean they were. They have lost their homes and the lives of their loved ones.

It didn't make any sense at all. Winter would never take revenge. She knew better than that. She knew that nothing will come with it, only destruction and hate. I couldn't understand it. 

"That is none of your business."

How could this be the work of Winter? 

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