Chapter 26 (Duke's POV)

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Chapter 26 (Duke’s POV)

I felt a hand touch my arm. It wasn’t Winter. It didn’t felt nice or cold. Whenever Winter touched me it’s like drinking cold water after exercising in the heat. I need it. It gave me relief and happiness. 

I slowly open my eyes. It was quite bright at first but as I blinked more, I got used to the lightning in the room. I look down to my left to see Fay touching my arm. I retracted my arm and glared at her. 

I never liked her touching me or her advances on me. I saw her ugly side when she met Winter. It was disgusting to hear her talk like that and discard the request of help from people in need. She didn’t understand like Winter. 

“Duke! You’re awake. I thought you would never wake up.” She looks at me with tears. 

I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that it wasn’t Winter here. Where was she? 

“We were so worried about you. That stupid girl called Miss Valentine decided to come here and acted like she was your lover. How pathetic was that?” Fay said laughing about Winter. 

I felt my insides boil as she insults Winter. She doesn’t even know a single thing about her and is judging her. 

“Did you know she said that she was an Elemental? Such a disgusting thing. Saying that she is one of us when she isn’t. I’m the only girl Elemental around here. She just wanted to steal the show and be like me, but she can’t because well I’m me. I’m way more beautiful than her and smarter too.” Fay said before grabbing my arm. 

“You’re right,” I said. 

“See, I know you would agree with me Dukey-poo because you love me as much as I love you. You even think I’m definitely more gorgeous than her, I’m so happy. You are calling me beautiful. After you get out off this hospital bed, we can go to your room or mine and have some fun time together or maybe we can have some right now.” She said putting one hand on my arm and the other on my thigh.

“No, you don’t understand what I said,” I said through my teeth as she leaned in closer. 

“Of course, I understand you Dukey-poo. I am, after all, your lover.” She said before taking off her cloak and began reaching for her buttons. 

I grab her hands that were about to unbutton the first button. I held them in a tight grip.

“Oh, do you want to do it yourself Dukey-poo. I like a man that can take control.” She purred staring at me with lust before licking her fake pink lipstick on her lips. 

I grab tightly her hand and pushed her away causing her to fall down to the floor. I move my body to the side of the bed and jumped out of the hospital bed. 

“Oh, so you like it rough, huh? Dirty, very dirty. You’re such a bad boy. My bad Dukey-poo wants me badly.” She said wiggling her body. 

I scrunched my nose in disgust at her seductive attempts. I stood in front of her. 

“I’m going to say this one more time. You didn’t understand what I said.” I said looking down at her. 

“What do you mean? Do you want to do it on the floor instead of the bed? I’m fine with the floor as long as it’s you.” Fay said looking at me before biting her lip. 

I rolled my eyes at her pathetic attempt to seduce me. If it was Mike, he would have swept her away less than a second because he likes her. Don’t understand why. This girl is stupid. 

“I said you are right. You aren’t like Winter because you are you. You are a disgusting piece of an Elemental.” I glared at her. 

“I don’t understand Dukey-poo,” Fay said staring at me. 

“You are a waste of an Elemental. Winter is a better Elemental than you because, unlike you, she is kind, caring, beautiful, powerful and one heck of a girl with a gorgeous personality. You, on the other hand, are ugly and your personality is shit.” I said to her very harshly. 

She started laughing which made me confused. Did she think this was funny? 

“That’s a funny joke Dukey-poo. Come on, let’s continue where we left off.” She said getting up. 

“Let’s not. It wasn’t a joke. You are also not my lover. Winter is. If you were my lover, I would rather kill myself than be with a whore and ugly beast like yourself. I rather be with my angel which I have no idea where she is and she ain’t you. So shut the hell up you disgusting witch and go seduce Mike or someone else because your attention is unwanted here.” I said heading for the door. 

“But Dukey-poo..” She trailed off

“No, and don’t call me by that childish name. I ain’t poo and my name ain’t Dukey. You make me sound like scooby-doo. I ain’t your pet or dog to command. So leave me the heck alone, woman.” I said before exiting the room, leaving an unwanted woman behind. 

I started walking towards the office and slam the door open to find Elder James, Bertha and Charles standing there. 

“Where is Winter? Where is she?” I said looking at them.

They all look at each other as if they were trying to search for an answer. They all turned around to face me. 

“Duke. What are you doing here? You should be resting in the infirmary instead of being out of bed.” Elder James said smiling at me. 

I felt my muscles tension at their weak attempt to get me to go away and avoid the topic. I felt fire circle around me and them. Elder Bertha and James jumped in fright where else Charles was just standing there. 

“I’m going to repeat myself once and only once. Where is she?” I shouted at them.

“She’s gone.”

I turn around to see this guy who I have never seen in my entire life. He stood there looking upheaval. 

“And Who are you?” I asked rudely. 

“My name is Talon and Winter is my lover.”

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