Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

After that whole incident with Duke, I decided not to tell the other Elementals even though Duke wants me too but I don’t think it’s the wisest idea. I am pretty sure that if Fay found out she would say something like “Not so special now are you” or “you have no right to criticize me because you are the same as me”.

I think I would cut off her head if I got into a fight with her…

I walked down the hallway to see Charlie talking to Elder James. Knowing Elder James’s intentions now, I won’t be surprise if they were talking about me.

What he needs to realize is that I control my life. It may not seem that way but I do. I choose to walk this path of loneliness for a reason. I won’t be able to hurt anyone and they won’t be able to do the same thing. I’m the one hurting myself and that’s better than someone who I don’t know and doesn’t understand me.

The Elders did restrict me from doing things such as interacting with other people but even if they didn’t put that rule, I might have not talk to many people. I would help them but I would never be their friends, I would be more of their acquaintance.

People don’t understand why I do what I do and sometimes it’s frustrating but it shows me that they do care about me. It saves myself from going too lonely.

I just want to help people even if they had hurt me. No one deserves to be lonely or hurt but we all experience many things together such as love.

A smile creep onto my lips as I thought of Duke. He somehow managed to get my heart. Maybe because he was the only boy that ever looked at me like that or even talked to me. Excluding Charlie of course because he’s my brother.

The affection that Duke gives me is warming to my heart. Being lonely has made me feel cold and empty inside and sometimes I wish it wasn’t there. I wish that I didn’t think this path but I had too. No hurt would mean no blame or pain which also means no deaths or revenge or hate. There was no many hate in this world that it pained me.

I didn’t want anyone to love me because I didn’t deserve it. Especially from Duke. I would have hurt them eventually. That will not be avoidable. I hate seeing people hurt and especially if I was the cause of it. When I got hurt by people no one helped me, I bet they didn’t even feel guilty about it. To say the least.

“Eww. Get away from me, you disgusting filth. I bet your father and mother hate you, that’s why they left you at the orphanage.”

I still remember the people from the City of Caliber and what they did to me. Charlie doesn’t know about this but they would say the nastiest of things. It hurt me to even think about it and for them to look at me like hero when they treated me like a beggar or a broken creature.

“Such a disgrace. I pity your parents.”

It just broke the wall where I kept my anger and hurt. I didn’t understand why human were like that. So 2 sided, kind, happy and peaceful to angry, mean and evil. It never made sense to me. It sicken me how they treated someone as young as I was at that time but when they were so desperate for their pathetic lives they would turn their views of someone.

“You don’t deserve to live. There’s nothing special about you. You're not smart nor pretty.” Woman 2 said.

It was just so disgusting and sickening. Yet I wanted to save them and their disgusting lives. Charlie said it was kindness in my heart but I think it was my way of revenge or disclosure.

“You should just die, kid. This beautiful City of Caliber doesn’t need something ugly running around.” Man 2 Said.

Talon was there when the second man said that. The man was going to slap me but Talon jump in front of me and took the hit for me. The man continued to beat him until he was satisfied. I still remembered Talon looked at me with a smile even though he had a bruised up lip.

Even though he has evil and it controls most of his heart in his heart, there is some sense of kindness and love in his heart. Charlie wouldn’t see it because he hates him or believe me when I say that Talon has some good in him. Anyone bad was once good. It was only because of certain situations that they are bad.

I look down at the bracelet, somehow it hasn’t hurt me when I was with Duke. I look at the silver design, it was beautiful but deadly. It was the sign of Talon’s jealousy and Charlie might see it as a bad thing and it is. Though I think it’s also Talon’s way of making sure I am safe by distance myself from man that could potentially hurt me. I probably sound crazy by now.

That’s what Charlie said when I said that.

Maybe I am, crazy.

Just like Talon.

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