Chapter 38 (Thirds POV)

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Reports of cities and towns being burnt down, frozen, buried or blown away were coming in the whole week. Everyone in every town or city was now scared or to escaping to somewhere safe escape away from the unknown danger but only a few people actually knew what this threat was.

"Sir, the town of Scal has requested supplies for it's people and to help rebuild their town." The messenger said.

"We don't have the supplies to support them in rebuilding. All our supplies are being used by other cities and towns. We can only supply them with enough food for a week. We will only be able to give them shelter once Fay has returned from the city of Tir which won't be for another 4 days. Please tell them that and the head of supplies what I have said." Elder James said.

"Sir James, I believe that we need to eliminate the enemy first before any other places get destroyed by them and their wicked ways." Councilmen 1 shouted.

"Sir and my fellow council member, with all do respect. We can't afford to send any troops to fight the enemy when we are unaware of how dangerous or powerful this enemy is. We also must not neglect the people that are suffering from these disasters and those that are about to die." Councilwoman 2 said.

"But if we don't defeat them then more and more people will suffer from the enemy's wrath and attacks." Councilwoman 1 said.

"Silence!" Elder James shouted out causing everyone to be silent.

"Our first priority right now is to give aid to the citizens and the townspeople. I have already told you that there are people trying to take care of the problem of the enemy so don't worry about that. We need to worry about the amount of supplies we are sending out, if not there will not be enough to survive the winter." Elder Bertha said.

Meanwhile in another room, the Elementals were talking about where to find Winter and what they should do to help. Fay was out helping to build shelters out of stone for the now homeless civilians.

"She could be died for all we know. We shouldn't be focused on finding her but her father instead." Jeffery exclaimed.

"Are you trying to say that we shouldn't care for a fellow Elemental?" Mike questioned Jeffery.

"That's not what I'm trying to say! We don't even know this girl. How are we suppose to know if she is good or bad or whether or not she can be trusted. Just because Duke feel in love with her and had only known her for a few months. She could have been pretending the whole time. Maybe that's the reason why we have never meet her?" Jeffery said in a defensive tone.

"She's a good person. She would never do the things you are claiming her to do. It isn't in her nature." Duke said rubbing his head.

"You don't know that! Sure she seems like a nice girl and what not but how could you know Duke. You haven't seen the influence she has on you and the Elders. She could do basically anything she wanted and get away with it." Jeffery said.

"You don't know that Jeffery!" Mike shouted.

"Ever since you have met her, you have been skipping practice and training. You been carelessly taking off your mask when you aren't suppose too. Also you have neglected us as your friends or teammates! Fay even hates her. Can't you see what she has been doing to you and this group!" Jeffery shouted.

"Jeffery, Duke has always skipped classes and Fay hates anyone that isn't Elemental or isn't like her." Mike argued.

"Don't try to defend her Mike. Don't tell me she has corrupted you too." Jeffery accused.

"Shut up!" Duke shouted silencing the 2 guys.

"You are just jealous that you don't know Winter as much as I do. That you can't get the love that we have because of how much of a player you are. Just because you can't have her doesn't mean that you can talk shit about her." Duke said glaring at Jeffery.

"Like hell I'll be jealous of you?! At least I'm not the one being used or misguided by a women. Plus if you're so sure that she is yours then why is that Talon here claiming she is his." Jeffery said.

"Jeffery.." Mike mumbled.

Mike could that the room started heating up and the soft current of wind going around the room. He looked towards Duke who was glaring at Jeffery and Jeffery was doing the same back. Mike shakes his head as he knew that 2 never got along.

"Guys you need to calm down, we have more pressing matter to take off then to fight over how is right and who is wrong. If any of the Elders come in right now. What do you think they would think of you guys?" Mike tried to reason but the 2 ignored him.

"Geez, I can't believe you guys are having a silly argument over that girl." Fay said appearing behind Mike.

"Fay, you're back!!" Mike smiled causing Fay to ignore him.

"Let's just forget the girl and go find out who is doing this. Plus it's not like that girl was of any use or anything. All she did was talk big about herself and here we are trying to clean up her filty mess. I don't see how you saw anything in her Duke. She is as useless as a fish on water." Fay exclaimed.

"Like you are any better?" Jeffery puffed.

"At least I'm helping out with the civilians, isn't that good enough. Who knows that that lousy girl is doing? Duke, forget about her. You already have one girl Elemental here and she can take care of herself better than Wonton." Fay said plopping herself on Duke's chair.

"It's Winter." Duke gritted out.

"Like I care! She just an overconfident, spoiled brat. Do you want to be in love with a girl like that or a women? I'm always here for you, where is she? Oh what causing destruction and she ain't here. I'm clearly the better option." Fay said staring at Duke's back.

"Just for once can you be quiet." Jeffery whined closing his eyes.

"How about you all be quiet." A voice said behind all of them.

They all turned to look at the door behind them. Talon stood leaning on the column next to door. He was playing with an apple. Throwing it up and catching it before it hit the floor. Watching the apple then the group of people.

"What are you doing here?" Jeffery asked glaring at him.

"While you all have been doing absolutely nothing for the past few days. I have been talking to Sarah-" Talon was cut off.

"Why have you been talking to my sister?" Duke asked with an anger tone which made Fay giggle.

"Before I was interrupted, I was talking to Sarah about where Winter is and I have found where Winter is. Meaning that I know why she and her father are. I'm went there while you guys were fighting and saw what her father has been doing." Talon said catching the apple one last time.

"And what did you find?" Mike asked.

"I'm not telling you. I have already told the Elders what I know so clearly they know who to go to when they want to find Winter. Instead of Duke." Talon said bitting into the apple.

"Talon." Duke snarled.

"I told you already, Duke. You aren't taking her away from me. If you want her as bad as you say you do and as much as you defend here with verbal words. In the end of the day, you might be protecting her from your friends but I have been protecting her from her father. Clearly she sees who the better person is." Talon said before throwing the bitten apple at Duke.

Duke caught the apple and look at Talon leaving the room.

"Checkmate, my friend. What are you doing to do about it?"

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