Thank you! :)

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Hi guys, I wanted to thank you guys for reading this book. 

Recently (at the moment I'm posting this) this book is ranked 1st in Paranormal though it won't stay as 1st for long with other very excellent books in the paranormal section :). I just wanted to say, thank you and to show my appreciation I will post an extra chapter this week which is the one I just posted. The usual chapters will be updated on Saturday/Sunday. So in 2-3 days time, there will be the usual chapters. 

It's a very big honour to have a book ever ranked first in a genre and I never thought that this book would ever be that big of a success. I have very low esteem when it comes to writing as my English is not that great as well as my grammar and tenses. So to be given a place like Wattpad where you get to write without having to go through all the process of being author in real life, is a very good chance to express stories you want to share. 

I just hope that you are all enjoying this book :) as I plan to end it in a months time or two or about 2-10 more chapters and get started on a new book. 

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