Chapter 36 (Duke's POV)

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I ran upstairs leaving Bertha with Elder Charles. When I entered Winter's room, I saw Elder James and the other elementals standing in front of me. Their backs were facing me as they talked to the figure in front of them. Blocking me from seeing who this person is. I see Jeffery turn around to see me there. 

 "Who is it?" I asked putting on a cold expression. 

They all turned around to look at me with smiles on their faces before stepping away. As they parted to the side, I see a small girl. She had long dark brown hair, but her eyes were the same as me. Green. 

She stared at me in awe and admiration even though I had no clue who she was. She walks slowly towards me with her hands against her chest. She was afraid. She stops in front of me before looking at me. Her eyes glowed in glee as she saw my face. Who was she? 

"Who are you?" I asked her. 

 Her smile slowly dropped into a frown. Her eyes no longer glowed as she started at me in disbelief. Her hands started trembling against her chest as if she was angry. 

 "I'm Sarah. Sarah Walker. I am your sister." I started at her in disbelief, raising one of my eyebrows. 

She couldn't be my sister. She was a liar. I had no sister or brother and my parents died before I even came here. 

"I'm sorry but I have no sister," I said in an emotionless voice.

Her face showed an emotion of hurt as if trying to get me to feel guilty, but I didn't felt guilty. I had seen worst emotions and expressions of hurt and pain, one of them being Winter. I glared down at her causing her to start crying. 

"Oh come on Duke? Isn't your sister the most adorable thing in the world? See. We would make the most adorable duo for you." Fay said before hugging my sister from behind as if they were posing for a family photo. 

"There's nothing adorable about you and she isn't my sister. So get your dirty paws off the little girl." I said. 

Mike pulls a reluctant Fay away from a crying Sarah. I sighed before squatting down in front of the little girl. I give her my hand which she took hold of. I look at her face seeing the tears fall down to her chin.

My eyes narrow as I see a necklace around her. I had a dreamcatcher design which seemed to be made out of bronze. I stared at it before reaching to touch it. I flip the design around in my hands to see the back of it. 

'By your loving parents, Julie & Mark Walker.'

My eyes widen as I read the names in my head. It wasn't possible. She couldn't be my sister, my parents would have died by then. I had killed them.

"Son, your mother and I want you to know how proud we are off you. That you have nothing to worry about. They are going to take you to a safe place where you will meet other people like you." My father said holding my mother in his arms. 

"I don't understand why you are sending me away. It doesn't make any sense at all. You said you love me. You said that you will never leave alone like everyone else. Now you are sending me away to a school. Do you not love me anymore?" I cried out.

 My mother had tears in her eyes as she stared at me. She turned around to hid her tears from me. My father holds her tightly in his arms as she weeps. He stares down at me with an apologetic look as he pats my mother's head in comfort. 

"Of course, we love you Duke but this isn't the right place for you. You are special and you know that. The school we will be sending you too will take better care of you. They will help you with your special powers." My father explained. 

"I don't want to go there. Who are you to say where I belong? I belong here with you and mummy. I don't belong anywhere else but with you guys." I shouted at them which caused my mother to cry more. 

"Son, please try to understand that what we are trying to do is protect you. The Elders there will help you control your powers, they way that we can never teach you. They have more knowledge and experience about these powers. Your mother and I really don't like this decision, but it's for your own good." My father said. 

"If you didn't want to make this decision then why did you? Was it because of my power? Is it because I scared you? It's the powers isn't it?" I asked them looking down at the floor. 

"Son, it isn't that -" 

"Don't lie to me!" I shouted before flames started to appear next to me.

"Son! Control yourself!" My father shouted as he started to panic. 

"I can see the fear in your eyes. I can see the pain I inflict on you both. You think I don't see that. You think I don't see the look of disgust on your face when you look at me? How worthless of a child am I to you?" I shouted before the flames started to burn through the wood of the house. 

"Son! Please stop this!" He shouted at me as he hold my mother in his arms. 

I remember seeing the flames engulf them as my anger went wild. The hurt and the betrayal I felt at that moment. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. I didn't mean to kill them or hurt them any more than I had already done. 

"Who are your parents?" I asked her. 

"J-Julie and M-mark Walker" She sobbed out. 

I look down at the little girl before me and hugged her in my arms.  

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