Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The first thing you would hear was the sound of laughter and the busy market. That was pretty much everyday life in The City of  Caliber. As Duke and I enter through the golden gates of the city. The place seemed dead.

 There was no music or any sound to be heard as we rode to the center if the city. The air even felt thick and hard to breathe in. Mist filled our view making it hard to see through. What has happened to my home?

 We approached the center tower where there were several people waiting at the entrance. I felt our stalker’s eyes leave us and there presence soon disappeared.

 “Welcome Master Duke and Milady Valentine. I’m sorry for demanding both of you to come to our aid.” The old man said with a weak smile.

They all suddenly kneeled on the floor with their heads on the floor. I jump off Moonstone and walk towards the them.

 “There is no need to bow on the unsanitized floor. It is not necessary for one to do so.” I said gesturing to stand up.

“No, Milady. Please let us do this as a sign of gratitude for your help.” He said trembling to keep bowing.

 “STAND UP!” I shouted causing all of them to stand up and look at me.

“This form of respect is not respect at to me. It’s maybe comfortable to a noble or a rich merchant from a far away land but it is not to me. Please don’t bow in front of me. I’ve yet to help you so please don’t do such a thing.” I snapped at them.

 They all realised what they did and were about to bow again as an apology but they stopped as I threw a glare at them. Kneeling on the ground before someone is not respect it is a sign of weakness.

 “Shall we discuss the matter inside?” Duke finally talked.

The man all nod and lead us to a private room while they put our horses in the stables.

 I remembered the halls were glowing the last time I was here but it seemed like this dark force has been affecting everyone and everything in this city. I fear it might be him.

 “As you can see the city is now practically dead. The citizens have choice to stay at their homes or flee to other parts of the city where there is no food.” He said opening a map.

“So far the sickness has been spreading on the North side of the city but it’s slowly conquering the west and east sides. I fear that if we don’t stop it then we are all doomed.” He said softly.

 “I fear that the situation at hand is more than we think it is.” I said looking at the map.

So many areas were affected by this. So many innocent people now dying from this darkness. Could it be you? No that’s impossible.

 “If the sickness were to spread outside the city then the whole world would be affected by this. A lot of lives will be at stake and with the number we were told it has already reach a devastating number.” I stated.

 “We shall investigate this matter more tomorrow. For tonight we must rest from our journey.” Duke said.

“Yes, of course. Please forgive my rudeness. I have booked 2 rooms in an inn close by here for the two of you.” He said rolling back up the map.

 “Thank you, sir.” I said politely.

“No. Thank you, Milady and Master.” He said before giving us the name and directions to the inn before leaving.

 Duke and I walked towards the inn. We haven’t been talking that much since the kiss and the horse accident. Well I hope that was an accident on Moonstone’s part. If only he didn’t wear that mask then I will know his emotions from his facial rather than voice.

 We entered the classy, yet quiet inn. I walked towards the counter where a scrawny man with a fancy suit on.

“Excuse me but we have a reservation under the name of Count.” I said gaining the receptionist’s attention.

“Let’s see. There is only 1 room under that name.” He said.

 Before I could protest, Duke intervene.

“That would be it. May we please have our key.” He said.

I would argue with him but I didn’t really had the energy to make a scene. Later.

“Here you go sir. Have a nice stay.” He said before reading his book again.

 We walked to the elevator in silence. Once the elevator began to move, I asked him.

“Why did you took only 1 room. I would rather much be in separate rooms.” I said watching the numbers changing.

 He doesn’t reply to me but leans closer to me so our shoulders were touching.

“Answer me!” I said loudly. The elevator pinged.

 He grabs my hand and leads me into the room and unlocks the door and locks it. I walked into the room to see only one bed. Great my hope is there were 2 beds.

 “Looks like we will be sleeping together.” Duke said.

I’m pretty sure he was smirking.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I said walking towards the bathroom making sure to lock it. I didn’t want to find out that he was a pervert too.

 After a long hot bath, I walk out to see Duke sleeping already. I talk the towel away from my hair and let it fall to it’s natural length. I drop the towel on the table and opened the balcony, letting the cold air in.

 I stare at the city. It wasn’t much of a view with all the mist. I closed my eyes and breathe in the cold air.

 I’m waiting for you

I opened my eyes to find that he wasn’t there. Where are you hiding you coward?

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