Chapter 53 (Duke's POV)

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My hot blood was still pumping furiously through my veins. All I could think now was thoughts of Winter and stupid together. What has she been doing with him? All those nights and days in her room and around school.

Why has she not been with me?

What did I do to be replaced by that monster?

I can't think straight. I just, I can't think.

"Duke?" Fay whispered opening my door.

I don't bother to glance up at Fay. The only thing I wanted to do was to burn that idiot on a pole.

"Duke!" Fay shouted this time causing me to jump.

She places both of her hands on my each side of my cheek. I look up at her to see her silently crying. She just stood there crying in front of me and I do not say anything. I slowly wipe away her tears with my thumb but they just kept flowing out and out.

"Don't do this to yourself please." She whispered.

She closed her eyes while still holding my cheeks. Slowly she pressed her forehead against mine.

"I can't see you break down like this. Don't torture yourself, please Duke." She whispered to me.

"Fay..." I said taking hold off her hands.

"I know that I can never be her in any way and even if I try you won't love me as much as you do for her but for my sake, please don't do this. If you can't find a reason then do it for my sake or Winter's sake. I just can't see you like this." Fay sobbed.

Her cold tears started to fall onto my pants but I don't care. I have never seen Fay break down like this before. She's always been the one to be strong and she hated crying.

"You love her and her loves you back. I can't break that even if I wanted. Nor can I live with myself for not telling you sooner about my feelings. I love you, Duke. I always have."

"Fay." I said taking her hands from my cheeks and placing our joined hands on my thigh.

"I don't expect anything or your love Duke. I just want to see you happy. You've always secretly looked out for me since we were kids. When the boys got to rough on me, you told them to bug off. I use to love it when you did that but now you have to be Winter's prince. You've always been kind hearted so forgive Winter if she did anything bad. Forgive her, so you two can be happy." Fay said.

At first, I didn't say anything because I was still shock from Fay's confession. I stood up and hugged Fay.

"Thank you, Fay. For always being there for me when I have never been there for you." I whispered in her ear causing her to nod.

After a while, I let her go so she can go back to her room and be by herself. She isn't one to cry in public.

I quickly make my way to Winter's room and knock on the door. There was no reply so I open the door to find it open.

It was still as cold as before. I glance around the room. There wasn't much that had change and there was certainly no trace of the idiot sleep here as well. I sat at the edge of the bed and waited for Winter.

The only thing I can hope for now is that she will forgive me and we can go back to the way that we were before.

Several hours had passed and Winter wasn't back yet. It got me anxious that I started walking around.

Suddenly I spot a piece of paper under Winter's bed. It was a floor plan of the second floor.

Why would this be in Winter's room?

My eyes following the glossy trails of pencil marking to the science department side of the second floor. There was wording in other language that I couldn't understand. What is this?

Before I realised what these floor plans meant, an explosion went off.

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