Chapter 27 (Third person)

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Chapter 27 (Third person)

"The hell you are!" Duke said before running towards Talon and punching him in the face.

Talon ended up on the ground holding his cheek which was now dark blue. He was rubbing it and trying to move his jaw. He looks back at Duke.

"Man, you hit hard." Talon hissed out while holding his cheek.

"Talon," Charles said in a dark tone.

Charles look at him with a serious and anger face. He had always hated Talon for the things he did to Winter. Talon looks back at him, seeing all the anger and hatred on his face. He couldn't blame him for it, but Talon couldn't help but felt a bit offended by that.

"Long time no see, Charlie," Talon said.

"Talon. Where is Winter?" Charles said with his fist clenched together.

"She's gone," Talon said before getting up.

Duke didn't like this Talon guy and he wanted to beat the crap out of him but he knew that if he wanted to know where Winter was, he was going to have to restrain himself. It wasn't hard to notice the tension between Talon and Charles as they both looked at each other. Charles must know him somehow.

"What do you mean she is gone? What did you do to her." Charles said in an angry voice.

"She went with him," Talon said rearranging his wrinkled shirt.

"Who is him?" Duke said glaring at Talon.

"Her father," Talon said glancing at Charles to see his reaction.

"What are you talking about? Our father and mother left us at that orphanage. Don't give me some false story." Charles lashed out.

"Our father?" Duke said looking at Charles.

"Oh, so you don't know their secret? Do you? Charlie here and Winter are siblings." Talon said smirking at Charlie.

"WHERE IS SHE TALON!" Charles shouted picking Talon up by his collar.

"I don't know but you don't seem to know your father that well. He's a very powerful man." Talon said.

"Of course, I wouldn't know my father. He left us when we were quite young. How could anyone remember." Charles shouted at him.

"Then why can Winter remember? She's younger than you and she can remember. She believes that there was good in me when you didn't. Little did you know, you damn father was controlling me the whole time. Winter somehow saw me trapped and tried to help, but every time you would drag her away from releasing me from your father's clutches. For several years, I have been stuck under the control of your father." Talon shouted at Charles.

"What?" Charles said in shocked.

"Your father has been controlling me since both of you came to the orphanage. I tried to get out of his spell, but it didn't work. He was constantly trying talking to Winter. In my eyes, I saw someone who was kind, beautiful and perfect. That was your sister. She had a heart of gold and she never gave up. Though through your father's eyes, he only saw Winter's powers. He wanted it. Badly." Talon said.

"So all this time you were being controlled by my father, all the things you did to her. It wasn't you all this time. The killing and the bracelet." Charles said.

Bertha gasped, finally realising who this boy was. It was the boy that didn't want Winter to leave him. She now knew why Winter didn't want to leave the orphanage without Charles, it was because they were siblings or Talon.

"I remember you, now. You were that boy that didn't want her to leave. You tried to keep her there." Bertha said watching Talon.

"It wasn't me doing that. It was their father, but you know, I wished that you didn't have to take her away. I wished you hadn't made her left me alone to suffer. She would have helped me and lessen the pain." Talon said looking away from their stares.

Suddenly guilt started to creep into Charles as he looks at Talon's face of hurt. This was the real Talon. All this time it was his father, not Talon.

"Talon, why doesn't the bracelet work anymore?" Charles said now in a calm tone.

"It's not working?" Talon asked looking at Charles with a confused expression.

"You didn't know it had stopped working?" Charles expressed.

"No. I thought it was still working, the last time I remember. Her father would have never stopped the bracelet. It was his way of protecting her from horny boys." Talon said causing Duke to have a faint blush.

"Then why did it stopped?" Charles said.

"I stopped it," Duke said causing them to look at him.

"You stopped it?" Talon said raising an eyebrow.

"It's metal. I can just burn it and destroy the magic in it. After all, when I saw her wearing that bracelet when I found her in the forest. It wasn't there before. I saw her flinched when Elder James or you touched her. I knew something was wrong so when I met her again. I ended up destroying it. I would never want to see any pain come to her." Duke said in a casual tone.

Talon looked at Duke in wonder. Wondering how he did it. He started to feel a bit envious. Duke had a relationship with Winter that he wanted. Duke was also very strong. He was strong enough to care for her and make sure she wasn't in pain.

Talon looked out the window. Wondering if he had even a chance of having a proper relationship with Winter now with Duke around. He thought that if he got released he would have a chance but now it just looked very slim and narrow.

He had just hoped that her father didn't do anything to her yet.

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