Chapter 35 (Duke's POV)

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The sound of the cracking echoed around the room. The cracks were appearing and traveling around the room in random motions creating big cracks along the wall. Only one thing was for sure, they were all heading towards the sculpture of Winter.

"What is happening Bertha!?" I shouted at her as I start to panic.

Pieces of ice started falling off the walls revealing the untouched paint that laid behind it. They all crashed to the floor breaking into smaller pieces like glass. The cracking got louder as the cracks tried to reach the sculpture.

"No. It can't be. No, no, no!" Bertha shouted as she rushed towards the sculpture.

The cracks were running up the sculpture. The crackling sound were louder as it tried to crack through the ice of the sculpture. Small bits fly out as it travelled from her feet to her stomach. It surrounded where her heart was. More bits flyed out as it surrounded the sculpture's heart.

Suddenly I saw the sculpture smiling for a second before breaking into pieces. Pieces of ice burst out into many direction. A piece ended up slicing the skin of my cheek causing blood to slip out of the cut. I slowly touch the cut to feel the heavy liquid and look at my fingers. Seeing my blood drip from my finger made me tense.

I quickly remembered that I am not the only person here. I turned to my left to see bertha on the floor, there were a few pieces of ice in her old skin. I rush towards her trying to get her to sit up but he body was too heavy.

"Bertha what does this mean?" I asked in panic looking at some of the ice as it starts to melt.

"Duke, you need to find her quickly. Winter is in danger. She is dyi-"

Suddenly there was a sound of ice breaking could be heard, I didn't realise that the ice above us had just broke. Before I could react in time, the ice hits Bertha on the head knocking her making her unconscious.

I quickly moved out of the way with Bertha in my arms before any more ice could fall on us and do some more damage to us. I looks down at Bertha and tried it shakes her a bit but she wasn't waking up. I swore under his breath to see that a bump was forming on her hand.

"Bertha! Wake up! Tell me what is happening? Bertha!" I shouted at her hoping that she would respond back saying she was fine but she didn't.

I pick Bertha up and lay her gently against the doorway. I turn back to see that the room was no longer dark like before but now there was light. There was no ice anymore. Most of the ice had somehow melted away into water making it look like the room was flooding.

I look back at the unconscious Bertha and run my fingers through my hair feeling the strain of my body getting to me. I haven't rested at all, since Winter disappeared. Did something happened to Winter? Damn it.


I look around looking for the source of the voice but all I saw were the pieces of ice and water dripping from the walls and ceiling. I didn't know who was calling me but it made me panic even more. Maybe it was my imagination but it sounded like Winter shouting my name. It wasn't possible though.

"Duke! Where are you? Duke!"

I had realised that the voice actually belonged to Elder Charles who was shouting very loudly. It had not been Winter. He must be above us inside Winter's room. His calls sounded urgent and in a panic. I turn my head towards the staircase and shouted very loudly.

"In here!" I shouted as I checked for a pulse on Bertha.

I heard the rapid sounds of footsteps pounding against the wooden floors becoming louder and louder. I look up to see Charles standing at the doorway panting as he tried to catch his breathe.

"What is it Charles?" I asked picking up Bertha in my arms.

"You need to come quickly. There someone here to see you." Charles panted.

"Charles can't you see I have more important things to do then meet someone no matter who she/he is. I have an injured Bertha in my arms. My first priority right now is to get her to the nurse and get her check out before anything bad happens to her." I explained walked towards the end of the staircase.

"I can take Bertha to the nurse while you go upstairs to meet this person. I can handle Bertha just go." Charles said trying to get Bertha out of my hands but I didn't let him do so.

"I don't care. Winter would hate me if anything were to happen to Bertha. So Charles please let me go and bring her to the nurse." Duke said carrying Bertha up the stairs.

"The person. She knows where Winter is."

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