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❝why did you throw that slipper?❞

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why did you throw that slipper?

well, if it weren't for you throwing a book at me then i wouldn't have done it.

if you weren't just getting on my nerves then i wouldn't have thrown a book at you!

if you weren't just annoying then i wouldn't have snapped—

the two young adults stopped quarreling when he saw the unconscious body finally moving. the two of them heaved a relief sigh and then went closer to the boy, observing his face.

he's cute.

wait i thought you're—

i don't need to be homosexual just to know who's cute, okay?

and they were back at quarreling, waking the hell out of renjun. the chinese opened one eye and then followed by the other. his brows furrowed when he heard shouts again and saw two males in front of him, shouting.

he placed a hand on his head when it was suddenly hurting, ❝ugh, where am i?

his voice caught the two's attention, making them stop arguing for a moment. renjun saw their eyes on him and it felt very uncomfortable. he opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the two who suddenly attacked him with questions.

are you okay?

does your head still hurt?

the tall male received a look by the shorter one, ❝are you dumb jaemin? of course it still hurts.

the tall one, named jaemin, rolled his eyes, ❝i'm sorry for not knowing jeno the all knowledgeable and the person who just ask when he's okay when he definitely isn't.

well the two just exposed their names without renjun asking for them to. hearing them argue again was hurting his head even more and he had the urge to stop them but he thought it was rude since he is just a stranger.

he cleared his throat, ❝i'm sorry, i think i went inside the wrong house.

jaemin and jeno turned to him at the same time, which scared renjun for a second, and both asked the same question. ❝what do you mean?

renjun's hand traveled down to his pocket and took out a paper. he swore it was this house but maybe he's wrong, after all he's not from the neighborhood so he could be wrong.

i'm looking for this place.. do you guys know where it is?❞ the two silently took the paper out from renjun's hand and started to read the address. ❝today is my first day to be a babysitter and i can say i'm doing a worst job.

the babies could be crying by now. what if something happened to the babies while he was unconscious? renjun shook his head (which jaemin and jeno find the action cute), he hoped nothing happened. he wished that the babies are alright and are just sleeping while he hasn't arrived yet.



jaemin and jeno looked at each other and then at renjun and then at each other and then sighed.

they were serious about it?

jeno shrugged, ❝as far as i know, your mom is the only serious one.

jaemin looked insulted, ❝excuse me? your mom happens to be my mom's bestfriend therefore it's also your mom's fault.

renjun was trying his best to stop the two from quarreling again. are the two usually like this? ❝e-excuse me but i need to leave now..

both jeno and jaemin's hands quickly moved and held renjun's arms, pushing him back down to the bed. the two boys glared at each other before giving renjun their most sweetest smile.

it honestly scared renjun.

may i ask the names of the babies you're going to babysit?❞ jeno asked

and then jaemin after jeno, ❝or describe them?

you stupid? all babies look alike. how can he describe them?

jaemin clicked his tongue, ❝well i definitely remember us being different. i'm more cuter than you.


renjun coughed, stopping the two again from arguing. really, how can they live like this? he pities their parents or the people that's looking after them.

the chinese was debating on whether to tell these two strangers babies' names. hey, you can't trust any stranger. who knows, they'll kidnap the baby and do something illegal. but renjun had no choice but to tell them because he's not familiar with the place and maybe, just maybe, they could help him.

they are na jeno and lee jaemin..?❞ renjun squinted his eyes, looking at no where. he was trying to remember the babies' names.

both jeno and jaemin's brows furrowed. since when did their names get mixed up?

oh wait,❞ renjun had the most widest smile, very happy that he could remember the names. ❝it's na jaemin and lee jeno!

renjun froze as he saw the two boys giggling. he could remember the names meaning his head didn't hurt anymore. you know what else he remembered? the boys calling each other's name. the chinese sat there, didn't know what to do, thinking that this might be just a prank.

you must be kidding me.❞ renjun mumbling, his smile fading away.

the two boys sat properly down the bed, facing renjun, their hands reaching for a handshake. renjun stared at their hands and then at them and then back to their hands.

these aren't babies.

hi, i'm lee jeno.

i'm na jaemin. nice to meet you!

he's going to babysit two young adults?

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