⌜ eighteen ⌟

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so which one of you guys did it?❞ renjun raised his phone for them to see, glaring at the two boys at the living room doing different things.

jeno looked up from the book he was reading and his eyes widened after knowing what the older meant. meanwhile jaemin hardly cared. he didn't know why renjun was raising his phone up in the air. he had no idea neither did he even try to find out what the problem was.

one of the mothers called me and told me that i will stay here, not even a weekend off day.❞ renjun frowned while taking steps down the stairs.

jaemin just made an oh with his mouth, now knowing but still didn't make a big deal about it since he didn't beg his mom nor jeno's mom to let renjun stay here without even a day off. that only leaves with jeno who is slowly placing his book down the sofa as renjun was getting closer and closer.



jaemin sighed, leaving the two alone and went to the kitchen to satisfy his stomach's wants. he heard jeno scream, that is probably a sign that renjun is now starting to kill him.


no, where's my day off?!❞ renjun said, hovering over jeno and continued to torture him with tickles.

jaemin placed the glass of water down the sink as he finished drinking it, finding jeno's screams and renjun's evil laugh very normal. it's like this happens everyday and he has gotten used to it already.

as he was about to open the fridge to find out what he may eat, a figure was running towards him that caught him off guard. ❝nana move away!

just wait till i catch you jeno.

and in a blink of an eye, jaemin felt himself fall down and feel the cold tiles. not only that, someone heavy was on top of him. jaemin groaned as he just felt the pain that was caused by falling down the floor.

is everyone here inside the house heavy? renjun once fell on top of him and man looks and body shapes can deceive you. jaemin felt like he was being run over by a truck, exaggerating but renjun's weight is no joke. then again, he felt relieved that he's healthy even though his looks and appearance says otherwise.

is renjun is heavy then what more if it's jeno?

are you not going to get up?❞ jaemin raised a brow, noticing that jeno was just staring at him rather than quickly standing up and run away from renjun who's just there with an evil smirk plastered on his face.

jeno, being a whipped boy, blushed. ❝oh.. i'm sorry.

caught you jeno!❞ renjun screamed with excitement and flopped himself behind jeno.

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