⌜ seventeen ⌟

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jeno placed his hand on the boy's cheeks, caressing it before pushing it to the side

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jeno placed his hand on the boy's cheeks, caressing it before pushing it to the side. ❝what do you want renjun?

he mentally slapped himself for even thinking that it was jaemin who's there, wearing the fluffy cat ears. but instead, it was renjun who is now pouting while holding his cheek.

why do you have that?❞ he pointed at the fake cat ears.

jaemin made me wear it..❞ renjun giggled while playing with the ears, ❝and told me to say sorry for him.

what?❞ jeno scoffed. how hard can it be to say sorry? one word, five letters.

jeno, you should understand him.❞ renjun may not know jaemin that well but being with the pink haired made him realize that he is not used to say sorry even though the boy had apologized to him once. ❝you're engaged to him—

and he's engaged to me. i shouldn't be the one who always needs to adjust.❞ he placed the book down the bed, making renjun look at him with confused written all over his face.

where are you going?

not answering renjun's question, he walked out of his room. renjun sat there, staring at the door that jeno just slammed. a few seconds later, a smile was formed from his lips and removed the fake cat ears that chenle placed inside his bag for no reason. he didn't even feel bad for lying to jeno.

he then patted his own shoulder, ❝my brain cells never fail me.

outside the room was a jeno walking, with a frown on his face, towards jaemin's room. not caring if the boy is doing something that he might disturb, he opened the door without knocking and took a step inside without asking permission.


what an unexpected sight. jeno's jaw dropped and he was frozen from his place as he saw jaemin trying out the cat ears. even the pink haired didn't expect for jeno to just barge inside his room.

didn't you give those to renjun?❞ he didn't want to admit it but jaemin looked so innocent and cute. his eyes widening in shock and mout opened, what a sight to see. the cat ears were just a plus point.

jaemin had never felt so embarrassed until now. he looked everywhere except at jeno and slowly removed the cat ears he was wearing, ❝i.. i don't know what you are talking a-about.

another surprising thing, jaemin stuttered. jeno furrowed his brows, this is not the na jaemin he knows. the jaemin he knows and grew up with never stutter and never had been flustered. this boy right here was blushing, and jeno didn't know what to react.

what are you still doing there?

jeno took a step forward, ❝are you sick?

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