⌜ forty five ⌟

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guess what?

guess what?

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the mother frowned as she turned to look at her son lying down at the sofa, staring at the ceiling. he didn't say it but his face showed that there's a lot going on inside his

head. it's making her worried. her son usually the bubbly type, a type who smiles and plays around. who mess things up and just laughs it off.


the mother snapped out from her thoughts when her son called him, ❝what is it?

are we not going to go back to china?❞ if he's leaving them then might as well go far away. breathing the same air, knowing that they are just near yet renjun is doing nothing but hide from them is making him feel guilty.

not yet. not when renjun's father is finally doing something right to make up for the mistake he did, ❝let's wait for your father first.

where did he go anyways?❞ renjun said, sitting up and wondering where his father went.

the last time he remembered was his father excusing himself last night and it's already afternoon in the next day and he's not yet back. hard to admit it but he is getting worried about his father's whereabouts.

finding a babysitter for you.❞ the mother joked, hopefully is going to make renjun laugh.

but it only brought the boy to remember his moments with those two adults he was taking care of. renjun was sad but he didn't show it to his mother and just rolled his eyes playfully, ❝yeah, watch him hire yukhei ge to be my babysitter.

the mother then remembered her husband hiring a boy that's just two years older than renjun to babysit their son who was a fourteen year-old back then. slapping her forehead, she wondered how the fuck she met such a stupid man.

that's right, realize how stupid your husband is.❞ renjun said as if his mother's husband is not his own father.

he's your father though.

renjun flopped back down the sofa with a groan, ❝is he really finding me a babysitter?

the mother nodded, smiling at her son who's whining about it.

but i'm not a baby!❞ he pouted, giving his mother a glare that the woman only found cute rather than scary, ❝i don't need one.

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