⌜ twenty two ⌟

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jeno smiled, pulling renjun even closer as he placed his chin on top of the older's head

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jeno smiled, pulling renjun even closer as he placed his chin on top of the older's head. inhaling a scent that he is sure that renjun doesn't own, he just let sleep take over again and ignored the thought. his hand went under the older's shirt and rubbed circles behind the older's back.

jaemin sighed as he felt a warm feeling behind his back. not really knowing renjun's sleeping habit, he didn't bother to open his eyes and just enjoyed the comfortable feeling of renjun's hand on his back. he could then feel himself being pulled closer until his face was buried on the chest, renjun's chest maybe.

jaemin snuggled even closer and jeno tightened his embrace on the figure he is hugging.

both thinking it was renjun.

good morning indeed.❞ renjun whispered to himself as he took out his phone and took countless of pictures of the two having the time of their lives sleeping in each other's arms.

hearing a clicking sounds, jaemin groaned, stretching his arms and then throwing them to wrap them to the neck to whoever he is sleeping with. jeno felt a hot breath on his lips, of course still thinking that it was renjun, he leaned down and gave the person a peck on the lips.

renjun, witnessing the scene, gasped. he then covered his mouth to avoid any sound, inhumane sounds, coming out from his mouth. ❝oh shit.

jaemin frowned as he felt something in contact with his lips. slowly opening his eyes, he immediately covered his mouth. the suddenly movement also woke jeno completely up and the boy froze upon knowing who he just gave a peck on the lips.

the chinese didn't want to join the drama. and so, after being satisfied with taking after fifty pictures, he dashed out from the room and his squeal was the reason why the two screamed.

what the fuck?!

oh my god!?

jaemin shot right up from the bed, giving a big space between the two of them, ❝jeno that was my first!

that was just a peck.❞ but still, jeno felt sorry.

your lips still touched mine!❞ jaemin was furious. not only was his first kiss was taken by a boy, it was jeno. the person whom he grew up quarreling and being his enemy. he never expected his first kiss to be this early in the morning.

he had always imagined his first kiss late at night, at the forest with fireflies lighting up the dark. his first was supposed to be with the person he loves, not with a boy he hates.

i'm so sorr—



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