⌜ thirty ⌟

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renjun let his back lay down on the sofa, his feet up in the backrest, and his arms are spread out

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renjun let his back lay down on the sofa, his feet up in the backrest, and his arms are spread out. the flat screen tv was showing a cartoon show and renjun stared at it upside down, not even giving the show any attention.

back when he still stays at chenle's apartment, he was used to being alone. but now, he wanted both jaemin and jeno's presence. he felt lonely. for the many times he had been alone, he felt lonely just now.

fullsun in the house—❞ donghyuck stopped his tracks, making mark bump him from behind, as he saw renjun lying in a most uncomfortable position. ❝it's a spoon.

mark smacked his partner's head, ❝that's renjun, not a spoon.

donghyuck couldn't help but sometimes wonder how he stumbled into getting close to mark when the older doesn't even get his jokes most of the time. ❝i'm not even going to tell you it was a joke.

mark's opened wide at that, ❝it was a joke?

the tanned male facepalmed at how dumb his boyfriend is, ❝love, i swear—

then swear. swear, curse, shout, scream, let it all out.❞ renjun suddenly spoke and made th couple turn their attention to him, ❝let those feelings out until there is nothing left.

donghyuck furrowed his brows, ❝damn, who hurt you?

the older giggled, you would actually mistake him as a crazy person. even donghyuck got scared when renjun giggled when there's nothing even to giggle at. ❝i hurt myself.

mark nudged donghyuck. ❝look love, it's you when we fought last month.

you have a death wish?❞ the younger sent the older male a glare which mark only found cute rather than scary.

to calm his lover down, mark leaned down and gave the younger a peck on the lips.

while the two are acting all sweet, renjun stayed in the same position with eyes looking so dead. ❝i'm hurting myself by loving them.


jaemin stared at the blank wall, alone in the office, with his phone in his hand. he is expecting for a call, a message at least, but got nothing. he just hopes that renjun is doing well alone at home. staring at his phone for the nth time today, he still has not received even one message from the chinese.

he sighed, ❝i'm with the person i'm engaged to and here i am having someone else in thought.

seconds after, the door was opened and a stress looking jeno came inside. jaemin placed his phone down the table, pushing his thoughts about renjun away for a moment, and approached jeno to take care of him.

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