⌜ eleven ⌟

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it was unusual.

renjun got inside chenle's apartment using the spare key the younger provided him and found the silence very weird.

he was used to hearing shouts here and there caused by jaemin and jeno that hearing complete silence was weird for him. although, he knows it's always like this. chenle would either be out of the apartment or is watching a movie with jisung in his room. the two are loud but are loud only at the right time. not like jeno and jaemin who just screams and argues any time of the day.

oh, hey hyung.❞ jisung waved his hand at the chinese who just stood there, spacing out. ❝hyung?

jisung.❞ and renjun guessed right. if jisung is here then he and chenle might be watching a movie. or if not then they might be doing something every hormonal teenagers do, which renjun knows they aren't doing it. chenle?

jisung pointed at chenle's bedroom door which he just came out to get food, ❝crying over the fact that hans betrayed everyone.

you guys are watching frozen?❞ renjun placed his bags down the sofa as he raised a brow at jisung.

chenle said you won't allow us to watch fifty shades of gray so—

what!?❞ renjun's jaw dropped, ❝how on earth do you know what that is?

dude, we are college students. we are not all that innocent anymore.❞ jisung said, his eyes focused on the fridge he just opened. he didn't even realize that he just called someone older than him a dude.

dude? pardon, jisung park?

dude—❞ jisung just realized what he just said and gave the older a sheepish smile, ❝hyung.

jisungie, what's taking you so long? frozen just finished.❞ chenle came out of the room, rubbing his eyes, ❝quick before renjun ge arrives, let's watch fifty shades—

and he was greeted by a glare by his chinese friend.

chenle gulped, ❝fifty shades of rainbow and butterflies.

zhong chenle!❞ the older tackled the panic male that's running towards the living room.

jisung calmly took out some ingredients for renjun to cook them lunch, which they haven't had yet since none of them knows how to cook and chenle didn't want to order because he said that renjun will arrive before or after lunch.

he took a bag of chips that was just on the cupboards and popped it open, eating as he watched the two chinese wrestling down the sofa. ❝go chenle, i root for you.

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