⌜ nineteen ⌟

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second step is to change her contact name.

jaemin opened his eyes and was greeted by a smiling jeno, ❝what the heck, it's still early in the morning.

jeno, who sat on his stomach, pointed at the phone that was ringing since five minutes ago. jaemin lazily turned his head to the side and let his hand find his phone. finally getting a hold of it, he turned to see who was calling.

by the caller's name (which is baby), he suddenly was wide awake. he hesitated if he should answer or not but because of jeno's glare, he decided not to.

get off of me.❞ jaemin said.

that sounded so hot in jeno's ears. but the boy shook the thoughts off since he too is going through the moving on stage. ❝renjun made us breakfast.

jeno did get off of jaemin and was about to leave him there but was stopped by jaemin holding his wrist. he slowly turned back and the sleepy jaemin was back. his lips pouted, his eyes closed, and not forgetting that messy hair.

that sight made jeno gulp.

carry me.❞ jaemin mumbled. if that ain't cute then jeno doesn't know what is. ❝i'm too tired to walk.

then crawl.❞ why did he even say that when deep inside he knows he wants to carry jaemin.

knowing that jeno would fall for him being cute, he did not hesitate to use his greatest power, ❝can nono carry nana?

well shit, jeno cursed inside his head. ❝i hate you so much.

inside the kitchen was renjun placing the food down the table. he then went back to the sink and washed all the pots and utensils he used for cooking. hearing footsteps from behind, he guessed that jeno is already there.

so jeno, did you wake jaemin up?❞ turning around, his jaw dropped after seeing jeno carrying jaemin that was sleeping. ❝wait!

the chinese quickly took his phone out and took a picture of the two that looked so adorable.

stop it and help me place him down.❞ renjun took twenty one more clicks before finally helping jeno put jaemin down. he went behind the boy's back and the both of them managed to let jaemin sit down on the chair.

want me to take a picture of him for you?❞ seeing that jeno's not bringing anything, the boy probably left his phone upstairs.

surprisingly, the younger shook his head as a no. ❝i'm hungry.

renjun already knows about jeno's feelings towards jaemin. but judging by jeno's actions, he knows something is up. if it were renjun, he would love to have countless of picture of his loved one sleeping. but renjun is not jeno and he doesn't like jaemin, or at least not in a romantic way.

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