⌜ thirteen ⌟

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you're so beautiful.❞ jaemin said, enough for the girl to hear, as he approached her.

the girl tucked her hair behind her ears, blushing at that compliment. ❝i'm just being me, jaemin.

the boy giggled, ❝you are beautiful.

she then slapped the boy by the arm, and then wrapped her's with his after ❝let's go?

jaemin nodded with a hum. ❝there's this one cafe that just opened two days ago. want to go there?

as long as i'm with you, i'm fine with anything.❞ she said, moving closer than close to jaemin.

the boy then continued to walk with a smile plastered on his face. he didn't say anything anymore and just guided the way. them walking in a crowded street was already annoying jaemin.

this was the first time jaemin wanted to just sleep at home that to go out on a date with his girlfriend.

his girlfriend clinging to him wasn't calming him down. it somehow also annoyed him. he didn't know why, he doesn't know what's wrong with him. he isn't usually like this. he then shook the thoughts off, maybe it's just because of the crowded place that's making his blood boil.

jaemin are you okay?

no he's not. can't you see his brows furrowed, that annoyed look on his face? but jaemin then put on a smile just for his girlfriend not to worry. ❝we're almost there.

that's good because i'm starting to lose my mind in this crowded street.❞ the girl groaned, earning a forced giggle from her boyfriend.

jaemin is also annoyed but you don't hear him complain out loud. ❝hina,

the girl raised hier head as soon as she heard her name, ❝what is it?

jaemin pressed his lips into a thin line and then shook his head, reasoning out that he forgot what he was about to say. but honestly, he almost lashed out to his girlfriend. ❝we are here.

hina lets go of jaemin and then quickly got inside the cafe, not even waiting for jaemin and just went to find a table for the two of them.

jaemin was grateful that the cafe isn't that full. there were a lot of people but it wasn't that crowded like the street. jaemin just sighed at his girlfriend who's attention was on her phone and sitting there like a princess who's waiting to be served.

patience, jaemin.

what's wrong with him today? he doesn't usually get this annoyed easily. and his girlfriend has been having this kind of attitude ever since so why now? why did he feel irritated just now? he decided just to order their food, at least it could distract him for a while, or calm him down even.

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