⌜ twenty six ⌟

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renjun turned his body to the side and he saw a beautiful human being sleeping peaceful

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renjun turned his body to the side and he saw a beautiful human being sleeping peaceful. he couldn't hide the smile that was now shown on his face. his hand went to play the soft locks of the sleeping boy and continued to play with it until the sleeping boy was now awake.

the embrace on the short male's waist was tightened and renjun was pulled closer to jeno.

he liked this. they liked this.

good morning.❞ jeno said with his morning voice that can never fail to make renjun's heart do flips.

renjun liked this but unfortunately have to stop himself from loving it. this also means that this should be his last time having this kind of greeting in the morning. ❝i'm sleeping back in jaemin's room starting tonight.

this was not what jeno wanted to talk about early in the morning. ❝renjun..

you deserve affection with the person you love, jeno.❞ renjun smiled, brushing off the boy's bangs away from his forehead ❝i'll help you with that.

of course, he is engaged with jaemin. renjun has been reminding him that to the point that it is starting to get annoying for jeno. what if he is engaged? they aren't married yet.


the said boy snuggled closer to the boy, ❝let's stay like this for a while.

this feeling still remains unknown unconscious to jeno. it would be easy to say that he loves renjun if only he doesn't have feelings for jaemin anymore. but he still loves jaemin and this feelings of his reminds him of what jaemin told him.

what if he loves two people and not just one?

he doesn't know how that works but what he does know is that he loves renjun with no doubt and at the same time he still loves jaemin.

renjun..❞ might as well tell the older. ❝what would you do if i fall for you?

renjun froze. his mouth was open but no words came out. he didn't know what to say.

would you catch me?

would he catch him?

will you love me back?

but he is engaged.

jeno you are—

i don't fucking care if i'm engaged or not. i just want to know if you'll return the feelings because if not, what's the point of trying?❞ with that, jeno loosened his embrace from renjun's waist and sat up from his bed. he waited for seconds to pass by before standing up and went out of his room, leaving renjun lying there.

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