⌜ six ⌟

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❝what a great way to—❞

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what a great way to—

shut up, you're loud.❞ jaemin passed by the balcony and stopped renjun from shouting at the top of his lungs.

the chinese pouted, watching jaemin leave and then saw jeno walking towards him. jeno giggled as he saw and heard what jaemin said when renjun was about to shout.

why is he in a bad mood?❞ renjun rolled his eyes and went back to facing the wide yard.

nothing new, he's always like that.❞ jeno stood next to renjun, ❝or he is probably not in good terms with his girlfriend.

the older's eyes widened, ❝he has a girlfriend?

shocking i know. i also thought he's—

who would have thought a girl can handle his hot temper? that girl is brave.

jeno sighed, ❝it would have been better if it was a boy.

because of what jeno said, renjun snapped his head to the side. ❝wait jeno..

the boy showed his famous smile and placed his index finger on his lips, ❝sshh.

moments later, jaemin appeared out of no where and saw jeno all smiley with renjun. he just raised a brow at them, suspecting something, but he didn't care. he has a girlfriend to go to and that's more important.


the pink hair looked away. he didn't want to be called as weird because he has been looking at them for how long, ❝i'm going out.

wait what?❞ renjun walked to the taller boy and held his wrist, ❝no you're not. we agreed to clean the house today!

correction,❞ jaemin removed renjun's small hand from his wrist. he did feel tingly when he touched renjun's hand but shrugged the feeling off. ❝you and and jeno agreed to it. i never said anything.

well that's unfair.❞ renjun stomped his feet.

jaemin sometimes wonder how this small chinese became their babysitter when he looks like a baby. ❝i have a date to attend to, bye.

both jeno and renjun watched jaemin getting the car keys and walked along the hallways, down the stairs, and guessed that he went out after hearing the front door close. they heard a car engine and was slowly disappearing as seconds passed by.

you guys own a car?❞ renjun's jaw dropped as he turned to jeno.

yeah, why?

as much as renjun also want to own a car, he didn't know how to drive and he is too lazy to learn. you just don't take the test by answering some questions in the paper, you also need to drive which renjun is scared of doing.

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