⌜ thirty four ⌟

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❝so you are jisung and chenle?❞ mark stared at the two boys kneeling down as they were told by donghyuck

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so you are jisung and chenle?❞ mark stared at the two boys kneeling down as they were told by donghyuck.

i'm very sorry for farting.❞ jisung took a bow, making renjun, jaemin, and jeno hold themselves back from laughing.

so the reason why chenle screamed in the brink of donghyuck's birthday surprise for mark was because jisung farted beside him without warning. to say that donghyuck was mad was an understatement. nonetheless, mark was surprised at the set up in the backyard and seeing two new faces.

chenle raised a brow at donghyuck who was looking at him as if he was waiting for him to do something, ❝what?


but i did not do any-❞ chenle stopped his sentence when he was pulled down for a bow by jisung. the chinese sighed, surrendering ❝i'm very sorry.

mark rolled his eyes at his boyfriend who had his arms on his hips like an angry mom. ❝love, they didn't do anything wrong.

they ruined the surprise!

the older leaned down and gave his loved one a peck on the lips, ❝no, they didn't.❞ mark wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist and let their foreheads touch, ❝plus, you don't need to surprise me on my birthday. having you is enough for me.

jaemin and jeno turned to renjun who had a loving stare at the couple. thinking that renjun would have loved to hear those words, the both young adults went closer to the short male and leaned down to whisper something on renjun's ears.

having you as our little spoon is also enough for us.

the chinese groaned and pushed the two boys beside him, but was secretly blushing at what they said. both boys giggled with jaemin placing his arms on renjun's shoulder while jeno was back hugging the short male.

donghyuck sighed, ❝get up you two.

chenle and jisung immediately stood up with a smile, thanking mark for taming his boyfriend and earned a glare from donghyuck. but as long as mark is there then they are saved from the tanned male.

by the way i'm mark.❞ mark took his hand out for a handshake in chenle's direction but jisung was the one to took it, causing his chinese boyfriend to make a face that had enough of him being jealous.

i'm jisung park.

mark chuckled at jisung, ❝a jealous boyfriend i see.

jisung smiled, ❝i just don't want anyone to touch what's mine.

jisung!❞ chenle pouted, tugging the younger's shirt telling him to stop. but deep inside he knows he's liking it. at least he's rest assured that he is jisung's and jisung's only.

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