⌜ forty one ⌟

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the said boy turned to the left as jeno called him and was greeted by a peck on the lips.

renjun pouted but shrugged it off. another second passed and he was again being called again but this time it was jaemin calling him.

little spoon.

turning to the right, renjun's lips was connected to jaemin's.

the chinese pulled away and groaned, ❝stop stealing kisses!

jaemin and jeno giggled and leaned down to give renjun a kiss on the cheeks. secretly, renjun liked it. rephrase that, he loved it. he loved the attention he has been receiving and the love he is giving to them.

he loves it, he loves them.

anyways,❞ jeno checked the wall clock, ❝we need to go.

the three of them stood up. renjun checked if they were presentable enough to go to their company. going to jeno and brushed his hands to the boy's hair and going to jaemin to straighten his tight. renjun looked up to the pink haired and saw him pouting.

what's wrong?

jaemin held the older's wrist, ❝i don't want to leave you.

renjun giggled, ❝i'm not going anywhere.

an idea then popped inside of jeno's head, ❝yes you are.

what?❞ the same as renjun, jaemin too was shocked at what jeno said. if he didn't just use his brain cells then he would have thought that renjun is going to be someone else's boyfriend.

but actually, ❝you're going with us.❞ jeno said with a smile and also grabbing renjun's wrist.

jaemin had a wide smile on his face as he dragged renjun out of the house to jeno's car, the two of them sitting down at the passenger's seat while jeno will be the one to drive them there to the company.

they may not have the guts to say it straight to their mother's faces about their relationship with renjun but they can give hints. and they are going to show to their mothers how beautifully complicated their relationship is.


jaemin— renjun?

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