⌜ twelve ⌟

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the pink haired just hummed as he heard jeno calling him.

na jaemin.

again, jaemin hummed. he then placed the pot of noddles down the table and washed his hands after.


yeah?❞ jaemin continued to answer even though all jeno is doing is calling his name.

say meow for me.❞ jaemin was then greeted by jeno's puppy eyes after washing his hands for him to start eating.

the pink haired pushed him away, ❝the heck jeno?

that was too random. it was too early in the morning for  jaemin to deal with jeno's shit. a few seconds after he sat down, jeno sat in front of him, still having those puppy eyes. jaemin decided to ignore it and started eating his breakfast.

i had a dream.

i don't care.❞ jaemin didn't want to know what jeno dreamt, he wasn't interested.

but it's jeno he's talking to. this boy won't stop even though no one will listen to him. ❝you were a cat. i mean, you're a human and a cat. you only turn into a cat if i kiss you.

what a dream.❞ jaemin said, rolling his eyes in disgust. him? kissing lee jeno? never in his entire life has he imagine kissing boys. he haven't even had his first kiss yet and he definitely didn't want to give it to jeno, nor to a boy.

it has to be a girl, specifically his girlfriend.

i know right!?❞ jeno exclaimed, making these hand gestures that caught jaemin's attention. ❝it was so weird because renjun is also there. i wish he was a cat though. i bet it's going to be so cute, but no. he's just there as my bestfriend.❞ jeno made a face, ❝as a best friend, na jaemin. among all, he's my bestfriend!

and jaemin didn't know why he found jeno's dream interesting all of a sudden. no, it probably wasn't jeno's dream. it was jeno who's making these faces and he looked like he's enjoying the dream he had even though it was confusing.

what do you want him to be then?❞ jaemin questioned, thinking that he's been staring too long and that he needed to distract himself.

but he just couldn't take his eyes off jeno. not when the boy right in front of him is now a blushing mess. ❝well.. i don't mind him being my boy—

jaemin didn't know why his body reacted and quickly stood up that made jeno stop talking. jeno watched the pink haired place the unfinished breakfast beside the sink with his brows furrowed.

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