⌜ sixteen ⌟

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❝you're done?❞

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you're done?

jaemin looked up from his plate after donghyuck speak and then saw jeno carrying his plate, walking towards the sink.

hm..❞ jeno flashed a smile and then removed it from his face as he went out of the kitchen.

donghyuck placed the spoon and fork down, ❝okay, mind explaining to me what happened?

love calm down.

the smiling boy is not smiling, how to calm down?❞ donghyuck gave mark a look. between the two, jaemin and jeno, he's the closest to jeno and he cares for him more than he cares for himself. if someone hurts jeno then he will not hesitate to fight back and probably kill that person, even if that person is jaemin.

i'll go to him.❞ renjun quickly munched his food and gulping them in one go, surprisingly he didn't choke. he placed his plate down the sink and gave them a small smile before running towards jeno's room.

jaemin on the other hand just stayed silent. you can't blame him, he doesn't know that he is the reason why jeno is acting like that.

since it is the three of them left, donghyuck decided to start a conversation with jaemin. and if possible, he's going let jaemin realize what's happening around him.

you're staring at him and i'm jealous.❞ donghyuck turned to the side and saw his boyfriend pouting at him.

the younger giggled, pinching mark's cheeks ❝love don't be like that.

oh sure, right in front of me.❞ jaemin mumbled as he continued to eat the food while watching the two flirt at the same table as him.

renjun's head peeked through the door and saw jeno staring at the ceiling. well, now at him as he caught jeno's attention. the small boy closed the door behind him and smiled at jeno. ❝is there something wrong?

he is even asking when he clearly knows that it has something to do at what he saw inside jaemin's room a while ago. jeno just sighed, scooting a bit to the left to give space for renjun to lay down next to him. renjun didn't wait for jeno to speak and laid down beside him.

what was that?

renjun hummed, ❝what was what?

a while ago in jaemin's room.❞ and renjun guessed right. jeno's actions and attitude tonight has something to do with what he saw.

oh that.❞ renjun giggled, his head turning to the side to give jeno a teasing look ❝you jealous?

and a visible red blush was seen on the boy's cheeks, ❝is it obvious?

renjun nodded, ❝for me it is, i don't know with jaemin.❞ the chinese sighed, ❝he is dense as fuck.

with the chinese suddenly cursing, jeno jerked his head to the side. that action made renjun think that he's going to break his neck or what. ❝you cursed.

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