⌜ forty six ⌟

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renjun smiled, watching the fishes race their way to wherever they were going

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renjun smiled, watching the fishes race their way to wherever they were going. it felt nice going out alone but it would have been better having someone together with you.

if jeno was here then he would have pushed jaemin to the river.❞ imagining that scenario made renjun laugh. ❝and jaemin would drag jeno with him.

completely forgetting his conversation he had with his mother and what he heard inside chenle's shared room with jisung, renjun sat down on the grass, alone.

he wanted to leave.

leave and stop causing trouble in jaemin's and jeno's life. not like it's completely his fault why this is happening. what can he do? he can't stop his heart from beating for those two. he can't stop himself loving them.

he wanted to leave.

staying would only cause more trouble. he might pass by the streets and there's a very big possibility he is going to bump into them. the world isn't that big, they'll meet and the feeling of regret will hunt him again.

he wanted to leave,

but meeting the two taught him how beautifully complicated it is in loving two people. complicated, but beautiful. he learned how hard it is when one is being left out. he learned how to equally love them.

that's why he needed to stay, because they loved him.

i need to stay.❞ renjun mumbled, slowly answering his own questions and solving his own problems.

he needs to stay.

their relationship was beautiful, why would they break it?

he needs to stay.

not because he needs them but they also need him. they need each other. it won't ever be the same when one is out.

he needs to stay because he loves them.

smiling, renjun raised his head ❝that's it!❞ he stood up from the ground, ❝thank you so much fishes, you helped a lot.

the fishes continued their own work peacefully, not minding renjun who's happily running back to chenle's apartment.

the chinese had a wide smile on his face, running very fast. not wasting any second. he's going to tell his parents how much he loved the two and ask permission in stopping their wedding, not caring if both jeno's and jaemin's mother are going to hate him. what's important is that he loves the those two young adults and he's proud of it. he is proud of their relationship, and is not afraid to show it.

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