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i'm dead.


tell jisung i love him, i mean not like how you love him that would be ew, but as a little brother. and as for you,❞ renjun took a deep breath, ❝chenle i'm sorry for always messing with you. you know that's how i express my love right? i love you so much that—

"ge, what kind of shit are you talking about?"

i'm not even going to scold you for cursing. it will be my last time hearing you curse anyways—

"blocked, reported, disowned."

renjun's jaw dropped, ❝excuse me little boy, how dare you disown your fellow chinese mate.

"you are not my mate, jisung is."

i don't mean that kind of mate! oh my god what have you been doing since i left your apartment?

a groan can be heard from the phone, "you just left five hours ago."

just when he was about to talk back to chenle, two boys were arguing really loud that renjun could hear it from the kitchen. why is he in the kitchen? the boys apparently ordered him to cook dinner for them and being a good babysitter he is, renjun didn't complain. the chinese loves cooking anyways and he felt like he was in heaven upon seeing a lot of ingredients inside the kitchen.

"where are you?"

i don't know? you guess.❞ renjun placed the knife down and started walking to the bedroom where the two were sharing for the meantime because renjun is sleeping at the other's.

even in choosing where renjun will sleep, the two argued. jeno said that his room is much more comfortable, the bed is twice bigger than jaemin's and he has plenty of pillows. jaemin pushed jeno away and began to list all the reasons why renjun should sleep at his room. in the end, renjun chose jaemin's room because it's small and the two ended up sharing jeno's room.

"how's the babies? how cute are they? i bet you're already enjoying your first day."

renjun scoffed, ❝i wish they were babies. i wish they were cute, oh wait they are, but i still wish they are babies. and i wish i'm enjoying right now.

chenle frowned, "what's wrong?"

lee fucking jeno and na fucking jaemin, tone your voices down because i can fucking hear it down the kitchen aND IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING!❞ chenle pulled his phone away from his ear as he heard the older shouting and was silently counting how many times renjun said the word fuck.

jeno was holding a lamp while jaemin was holding a luggage. they looked like they were about to throw it which made renjun sigh. he went to the two, getting the lamp and the luggage from their hold and placed it at their right places.

if it weren't for chenle speaking on the phone then jeno and jaemin would still look down with renjun giving them a look, a scary one. "i do not want to know what happened. i don't know who lee fucking jeno is and who na fucking jaemin is."

do you want to know them?❞ renjun said, still glaring at the boys who are now standing by each other.

"definitely not. save that for our next conversation, i still have an assignment to make." chenle giggled, "bye gege!"

tell jisung i said hi.❞ renjun said before ending the call. he then went back to the two, ❝okay, listen here—

jaemin started it.

what!? you were the one who threw a towel at my face!

because you won't take a bath!

can't you see i was busy?

busy playing at that stupid game.

candy crush is not stupid!

renjun closed his eyes, forced to hear the two argue. it was still his first day and he felt like quitting. if he felt like the most luckiest guy on earth after getting accepted for the job, he now felt like the most unfortunate guy to deal with two young adults.

renjun, i swear it was jeno's fault.

what!? god, renjun you heard me right? it's his fault.

but shouting at them would only worsen the situation, and so he took a deep sigh. waited for a few minutes to pass by before looking at the two. it eventually made them stay quiet which was weird because renjun didn't give them a glare of any threatening look. he just stared at them, having no emotions.

dinner is ready.❞ renjun turned around, not really caring if they will follow him or not. ❝jeno, jaemin can't take a bath. it's late. but jaemin, just change your shirt or whatever before you sleep.

the older went out of the room, not really caring if they would follow him or not. it was his first day, he shouldn't stress himself out. he's just going to make sure that these two younger adults will eat their dinner and go to sleep, and he too can sleep and rest after that.

jeno turned to look at renjun, ❝is he mad?

i bet he's going to quit first thing tomorrow.❞ jaemin pressed his lips into a thin line.

the two went down and walked towards the kitchen only to see renjun placing a pot down the table. renjun noticed the two but he didn't look up to them. he went to the sink to wash the utensils he used for cooking and just hoped that the two will eat in silence.

after washing, renjun turned around and the two were still standing still. ❝what are you guys waiting for?

they looked at each other and then at renjun and then at the ground, ❝we're sorry.

sure, he was mad at then for being so loud. they are so annoying, arguing at little things and quarreling every minute. it has been hours since renjun started his job as a babysitter and he did have some thoughts of quitting as it was too tiresome but a sorry is all it took for renjun to forget about it. he smiled after hearing the two apologize.

i forgive you two. please eat, i don't want you to skip a meal.❞ renjun was about to leave the kitchen, with a smile on his face, but was stopped by two hands gripping his arms.

eat together with us.

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