⌜ fourteen ⌟

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❝should we?❞

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should we?

jeno groaned at the loss of contact with renjun's finger that was playing with his hair. he then leaned his head back to see renjun that was looking at him with a worried look.

should we go to him? he looked really pissed off.❞ renjun said

which only earned a scoff from jeno, ❝doesn't he always?


you care so much about him.❞ jeno pushed himself away from leaning into renjun's chest, now sitting down properly on the sofa.

i'm a babysitter.❞ he said, reminding jeno about his job.

why are you taking this seriously?

because i'm paid properly.

what if you aren't paid?❞ jeno now turned to renjun, ❝what if our moms suddenly stop paying you, would you also stop caring for us?

that was a question renjun didn't know what to answer. he would probably stop going to their house, doing the household chores and all the things because it isn't his job anymore but he will still care for them as a friend maybe. he had to admit, he did grow some feelings towards the two. not knowing what but he guessed it's just some friendship forming between them.

seeing renjun being silent for a good ten seconds, jeno sighed, ❝let's just go.

what happened to you?❞ renjun found it rather odd because of jeno looking like he has no care or whatsoever for jaemin. jeno may have not said this personally but he did give out a hint that he has feelings for jaemin, romantic feelings for jaemin.

i'm just tired.❞ jeno sighed, ❝tired of being in love with him.

so now jeno said it. he does not just like jaemin, he loves him. renjun wasn't shocked. in jaemin and jeno's state, one is tend to fall in love with the other. what is sad is that jaemin doesn't like jeno back, which also means that he doesn't agree to him being forcefully married to someone he doesn't like.

he has a girlfriend, why am i even trying.❞ jeno took a deep breath, forcing a smile after. ❝let's go?



renjun closed his eyes, laying down the sofa with his feet on top of jeno's lap, ❝my job starts tomorrow.

but i'm alone!❞ jeno whined, flopping next to renjun. hugging him, ❝please, be with jeno.

don't do that ever again.

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