⌜ thirty one ⌟

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renjun immediately woke up at the dream he had.

being drunk, dancing and singing to gaycity's songs together with donghyuck, mark stressing out, sleeping under the table, and talking to a cotton candy. damn, he mentally cursed. what did he eat to have a dream like that.

scanning the room, a smile was formed from his lips. he was glad that it was only a dream. if not, he would panic. confessing his feelings for jaemin to a cotton candy. what's more weird is that the cotton candy from his dream knows that he loves jeno and the cotton candy confessed that it loves both jeno and him. sighing, he regretted not eating that cotton candy.

what a dream.❞ renjun sighed again.

lying back down, he turned his body towards the bedside table who had a lamp still showing its light even though the sunlight got inside the room. renjun reached to turn it off and then turned his body to the other side with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile.

his head hurt, he needed to go back to sleep.

but a pair of arms stopped him from doing so. renjun farrowed his brows as he felt himself being hugged so tight. he felt himself being buried on somewhat a chest and that made him wake back up again.

looking up, reality hit him. him being drunk, going crazy with donghyuck and mark regretting his life decisions, sleeping under the table, and talking to a cotton candy, it wasn't a dream. and the cotton candy he was talking to isn't edible, it was na jaemin.

the pink haired that is sleeping soundly is the cotton candy who confessed and he confessed to in his dream.

renjun smiled, shaking his head ❝this might be the real dream.

any moment from now he will wake up being surrounded by the fluffy pillows. the chinese snuggled even closer to this pillow and hugged it very tight. wondering how real it felt, renjun tightened his embrace. it is fluffy but it clearly isn't a pillow.

morning..❞ a raspy morning voice then greeted.

mo—❞ and renjun just realized that the pillow he is hugging just talked.

knowing that renjun will push him, jaemin locked his fingers behind the short male's back, hugging renjun securely.

j-jaemin?❞ renjun bit his lower lip, his hands on the younger's chest. he hoped the dream isn't real. at least that part where he confessed to a cotton candy— to jaemin.

yes little spoon?❞ jaemin giggled at the nickname.

renjun would usually get mad when either jeno or jaemin calls him that but now his heart was beating fast. he didn't know why and what the reason is. it is probably jaemin's giggle or maybe the way he says little spoon.

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