⌜ thirty nine ⌟

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jisung raised a brow at the chinese who just cursed beside him. ❝why?

the chinese let out a nervous laugh, ❝this is a dream right?

the younger now furrowed his brows, finding his boyfriend acting really weird, ❝uh.. no?

oh my god.❞ chenle crouched down from the floor.

students from the hallways turned their heads to the crouching boy, which jisung was a bit embarrassed for his boyfriend. ❝le, stand up.❞ he said, poking the older's shoulder.

don't make me drink alcohol ever again.❞ chenle faked a cry, ❝that shit is bad.

what's wrong with you?

chenle looked up to his boyfriend and jisung widened his eyes at the sight. he actually thought chenle was just faking a cry but seeing how glossy is eyes are right now, it made him worried.


renjun ge is going to kill me.


donghyuck tapped his index finger on his chin while nodding at every word jeno and jaemin are saying, ❝i don't understand.

the both boys, who talked for an hour straight, sighed in frustration, ❝hyuck we've been explaining this to you for countless of times already!❞ jaemin said.

the scolded boy's jaw dropped, ❝all you did was talk about how cute renjun is and how you guys badly want to keep him.❞ donghyuck rubbed his temples, looking more stress than the two boys standing there. ❝he's not a pet you idiots.

the oldest in the living room chuckled, enjoying the view of a stressed donghyuck, ❝love, calm down.

these two are stressing my two brain cells.

mark understood donghyuck. hearing the two of them, they were just talking about how precious renjun is and mark didn't understand why they were educating them with how cute renjun is, ❝he is right.

jeno sighed, ❝we love renjun and we want him to also get married to us.

easy, tell your mothers.❞ donghyuck said as if it really is that easy.

we can't.❞ jaemin sat down on the other unoccupied sofa, ❝we don't even know if they support a three-way relationship.

jeno nodded, sitting next to jaemin ❝and he's only a babysitter.

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