⌜ thirty eight ⌟

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eight days left.

renjun ran around the backyard, his hands covering the water targeting him. ❝stop!

jaemin's laugh made renjun groan in the verge of giving up and run far from him for the water not to reach him. jaemin turned to jeno and pouted his lips at renjun, telling the other to catch renjun. jeno nodded his head and silently walk behind renjun.

glad you have the heart to stop.❞ renjun sighed, ❝god, i thought i was going to drown.

jaemin smirked when he saw jeno seeking behind renjun. the chinese furrowed his brows at jaemin's look and the moment he turned around because of curiosity was the moment he felt a pair of arms snaking around his waist and hugging him tightly.


the pink haired approached the two and pointed the hose at renjun, water attacking the chinese.

put it down jaemin!❞ renjun leaned back, gluing himself on jeno's chest.

told you to take a bath.❞ jeno giggled, not minding if he too was wet.

it was almost lunch time and jaemin told renjun to take a bath since he hasn't washed himself for a day already. jeno, agreeing to the plan jaemin made, brought renjun to the backyard just to receive this kind of treatment. he too tried to convince renjun to take a bath but the older did nothing but say 'later'.

already satisfied, jaemin put the hose down and skipped his way to turn the faucet off. joining the two after, he brushed the older's already wet hair up and kissed his forehead, ❝there.

renjun gave up in squirming on jeno's hold, ❝i can't with you both.

both boys giggled and stared at each other. jaemin leaned forward and gave jeno a kiss on the lips, mumbling a thank you for helping him with this. their attention then went down to renjun who's stomping his feet like a kid.

so i don't get a kiss?❞ renjun crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks.

the two of them bent down and gave renjun a kiss on the cheeks at the same time, which renjun was very much satisfied.

moments later, jeno and jaemin saw renjun shiver and made them raise a brow.

i'm cold.❞ renjun said, hugging himself.

jaemin joined in hugging them and now renjun was sandwiched in between the two tall boys. but even with that, renjun was still shivering. jaemin bent down a little and placed a hand on renjun's thigh, carrying the small boy like a baby. jeno had already got his arms off of renjun and is now watching the two with a big smile on his face.

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