⌜ forty ⌟

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renjun woke up, about to stretch his arms up but realized that he was wrapped with the covers like a burrito

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renjun woke up, about to stretch his arms up but realized that he was wrapped with the covers like a burrito. rolling on the bed with a groan, renjun fell down at one more roll.

today is not his day.

i bet jaemin and jeno are doing something stupid.❞ standing up from the floor, he ruffled his hair thinking that it will look neater.

he's probably not going to here them agrue, quarrel, nor shout at each other since they are now having a relationship that's different from what they had when renjun first met them. honestly, he missed those times when he wakes up to hearing curse words and shouts coming from them. he would immediately stop them and would also scold them. but he loved this more. he loved seeing the two of them falling in love with each other and also giving their love to him.

taking the first step down the stairs, renjun could already smell breakfast. he skipped his way down the stairs, luckily he did not stumble, and then had a wide smile when they saw his two loved ones cooking.

good morning.❞ renjun greeted them, his soft voice was music to their ears.

morning little spoon.❞ jeno greeted, too focused in cooking to even look at renjun in the eye.

renjun scanned the table and wondered at the set up, ❝why are there red petals everywhere?❞ out curiosity, we took one and touched it to see if it was real and it was. getting a rose from the vase, renjun turned around and was met with jaemin holding a pot that had their breakfast in it. jaemin wrapped his arms around the older's waist after placing the pot down the table.

how about you sit down and let us do the work, hm?❞ jaemin flashed him a smile and forced renjun to sit down at the chair while he went back to jeno to help him cook.

renjun watched the two with a smile on his face while playing with the rose he is holding. seeing them wearing aprons with heart prints on it was a sight to see. tilting his head to the side, renjun pouted his lips.

is it valentines today?

the two boys giggled, ❝nope but today is one special day.❞ jeno said, now placing the last batch of food they have for breakfast.

jaemin set up the plates down and other utensils. renjun watched the pink haired doing it and realized that his plate, his spoon and fork, and glass cup were different from theirs. ❝what's all this?

like what jeno said, today is a special day.❞ jaemin said, sitting down in front of renjun with jeno following next to him.

but it's not my birthday today.❞ renjun giggled. he wanted to be surprised but he also wants to know what all this is all about.

let's just dig in.❞ jeno and jaemin nodded their heads at each other which renjun couldn't help but squint his eyes at them.

if this is a prank i will kill you guys.❞ the chinese threatened, eating a piece of meat before getting more and other side dishes.

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