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second day

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second day.

it shouldn't be as bad as the first, right?

wrong. renjun woke up with seeing jeno wrestling with jaemin on the sofa in the living room first thing in the morning. if he didn't arrive in time then jeno could have killed jaemin. he scolded the two which resulted his head to hurt. he wasn't used to use his voice a lot, especially in shouting. he's the quiet type and he would only be loud when he's with chenle and jisung.

both of you, get up.❞ renjun ordered and the two immediately stoo up, ❝why do you two always fight?

jaemin won't give me the remote control.

i came here first.

but you've been watching for an hour already!

because i came here first so i can watch for how long—

renjun snatched the remote from jaemin's hands and turned the tv off. he then threw the remote control to the side, causing it to be destroyed. jeno and jaemin's jaws dropped and turned to renjun who looked very scary. renjun didn't care if that remote caused millions, he could always pay it with his money.

you two, do your morning routine and then come back down to eat breakfast.❞ the two quickly did what they were told in the speed of light.

renjun stayed silent for a second before finally letting out air he's been keeping. all he wanted was a job to pass time, and babysitting was ideal for him as he loved kids. but he didn't know he'd be taking care of young adults.

why would they need babysitting anyways?

honestly, this is stressing me out.❞ he'd rather go back to school than handle these two people who quarrels all the time. he was paid to watch over them so why is he even trying to stop them from killing each other? he let out another sigh, ❝stop being an angel.

he didn't want to admit it but he does have a soft spot for people. he may get mad but it won't last long. the longest he's been mad was two hours which was when chenle pranked him during halloween.

eggs and bacon.❞ the chinese mumbled with a yawn escaping from his mouth while taking the ingredients he needed to cook their breakfast.

he doesn't even know why he still hasn't quit. he should have quit the moment he knew he's not going to take care of babies. he would have been at chenle's apartment by now, sleeping and not scolding two boys early in the morning.

speaking of chenle, he missed him.

leaving the kitchen for a while, renjun ran towards his— jaemin's room and grabbed his phone that he left at the bedside table. he dialed his friend's number and waited for him to answer.

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