⌜ forty two ⌟

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four days left and renjun still has no idea when their wedding is neither knowing if it will still push through or not

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four days left and renjun still has no idea when their wedding is neither knowing if it will still push through or not.

i'm bored!❞ jaemin moved here and there and turned chanel from another chanel out fo boredom.

jeno got down from the stairs, fresh from the showers. ❝where do you want to go out?

the pink haired's mood went up upon hearing jeno say that, ❝renjun!❞ but even though he was excited to go out, he wanted to go to where renjun wanted to go.

their eyes went to renjun who's washing the dishes. washing the dishes while looking at no where. he might be busy thinking of something, they thought. they've been shouting for the short male's name but still didn't get his attention.

did something happen to him?❞ that isn't the first renjun acted that way, he has been like that every since they went home from the company yesterday.

he's just probably bored just like you.❞ jeno tried not to think anything negative because if he does, he knows he'll blame their mothers first.

jaemin skipped his way to the kitchen and surprised renjun by hugging him by the back. it sure did snap renjun out from his thoughts. ❝little spoon?

the chinese forced a smile, ❝what is it jaemin?

is everything okay?

no. nothing is okay.

renjun ignored what his head was saying and nodded his head, ❝everything is fine.

jeno approached the two and placed a hand on the short male's head, ❝want to go somewhere?

he did need to clear his head. there's a lot that's been going on inside and he doesn't know what to do anymore. he wanted to fix every problem he has but couldn't do it alone. ❝where to?

jaemin widened his eyes and a smile crept to his lips upon remembering something, ❝to your playground!


the last time they were here was when chenle asked them out. that was also when renjun caught these two kissing. remembering that, he felt happy instead of getting hurt. he did a really good job as a cupid.

we are going to try every ride we haven't tried the last time.❞ jaemin grabbed renjun's hand and intertwined their fingers together.

jeno smiled at how bright and bubbly jaemin is right now, but his smile soon disappeared when he saw how dead renjun looks. the short male was smiling but the smile had no emotions. jeno doesn't know if jaemin could see it but he sure could see it even if renjun tried to force a laugh. no emotions.

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