⌜ special chapter ⌟

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i sincerely thank you all ♥

and the fanart i found in google sunbaenim below is so cute i'm aksksk

and the fanart i found in google sunbaenim below is so cute i'm aksksk

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both jeno and renjun got out of the building with renjun happily clinging to the younger. jeno couldn't hold back his smile, renjun looks so cute hooping his way down the stairs.

i sometimes forget you're older than me.❞ jeno said, taking the older's hand and walked their way to the park where they left jaemin with the twins.

renjun had nothing to say about that because he too sometimes forget he is older. not because he acts childish all of the time, nope definitely because not about that, but ever since they got together, jeno and jaemin acts like they are older and all. even in terms of work, instead of renjun being the next ceo, the job was given to jaemin. the youngest of the three whined about it but at the same time he didn't want renjun to stress about work and so he had no choice but to work as told so. not like he does most of the job, jeno mostly does it. taking care of the company jeno's and jaemin's family had combined, and also renjun's company in china, it's a shock that jeno dealt it like a pro he is. he does come home and talks about how tiring it is but his two loved ones are there to relieve the stress away.


renjun looked down and then looked up with those innocent orbs at jeno, ❝a lollipop?

ever since that incident of jin throwing two lollipops to yukhei's daughter, he has been eating lollipops these past few days.❞ jeno sighed and showed renjun his pocket filled with lollipops, ❝i'm scared for his health.

and that's why you stole some!?❞ renjun clutched his hair. it would have not been a problem if the twins doesn't make it s big deal. but they make everything a big deal. hide one of their toy cars and the next day you'll see the house upside down.

jeno giggled, removing the wrapper and shoving the lollipop inside renjun's mouth to stop him from talking, ❝he won't find out.

nodding, the two kept on walking. renjun sucking the lollipop, loving that the flavor was strawberry, while jeno was enjoying the company of his loved one.

they arrived at the park not long after with their hands holding each other and froze when they only saw on of the twins present there. no jaemin, and no jin. jun was standing in the middle of the field, crying. not even one approached to help.

renjun sprinted his way to the crying boy, crouching down and hushing him up.


renjun wiped the tears away and gave the boy a small smile, ❝i'm here. daddy is also here, don't cry okay?

but the boy's tears ignored renjun's comforting words and continued to fall down, ❝but where is dada?

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