⌜ twenty eight ⌟

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❝where is my popcorn?❞ chenle felt satisfied after seeing the three ride the pirate ship

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where is my popcorn?❞ chenle felt satisfied after seeing the three ride the pirate ship.

jisung raised a brow ❝you didn't buy one.

that was just an expression, gosh.❞ chenle held jisung's hand, ❝c'mon let's get them to ride the rollercoaster.

but the tall male didn't budge. chenle turned around with a confused look. ❝i'm tired.

all we did was get them to try the rides, why are you tired?

that's the point.❞ jisung frowned and chenle felt like he was worst boyfriend, ❝didn't we come here to enjoy? we should just let them be.


if we are still going to look out for them then i'm going home. call me if you guys are done.❞ jisung said, struggling to get his hand from chenle's hold. ❝let go of me.

chenle shook his head as he dragged jisung to god knows where. the younger rolled his eyes as he was still struggling for chenle to let go of his hand.

chenle i'm tired.

don't you want to ride the water slide with me?❞ chenle pouted

i thought you are going to set them up at the rollercoaster?

the chinese stopped dragging the tall male and is now standing in front of him. he tiptoed and got to give jisung a kiss on the cheeks, ❝i'm sorry.

that's all jisung needs to hear for him to forgive the short male that easily. ❝it's okay.

you're right, we should just leave them be.❞ chenle wrapped his arms around the younger's ❝let's enjoy our time here.

renjun snuggled closer to jeno as he screamed at the top of his lungs. jaemin, who was sitting on the other side of jeno, held jeno's hand and gripped it tight as he felt the boat swinging again. jeno gulped as he held the two boys beside him, he closed his eyes for him not to see the very scary sight.

oh my god!

my soul is flying along the wind.

it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be—

jaemin and jeno heard renjun curse as the last swing was high that they felt like falling. instead of getting scared, they laughed at the poor boy who felt like vomiting right there. after for what seemed like a year of suffering for renjun, the ride finally ended and the three got down with jaemin and jeno helping renjun up.

jaemin wiped the sweat on renjun's forehead, ❝please don't die.

renjun, despite of his state, managed to glare at jaemin ❝i won't die with just that.❞ he felt insulted that it sounded like jaemin is looking down on him and is calling him weak because of the outcome after riding the vikings.

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