⌜ nine ⌟

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❝catch!❞ renjun threw the newly bought remote control and jaemin fortunately caught it before it reaches to the ground

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catch!❞ renjun threw the newly bought remote control and jaemin fortunately caught it before it reaches to the ground.

jeno, who was sitting beside jaemin at the sofa, frowned. sad that he wasn't the one who caught it. ❝it's fine.❞ he shrugged it off, ❝throw your love renjun and i will surely catch it.

jaemin pushed the boy beside him, ❝so gay.


you are. i know, now shut up.❞ jaemin tested the remote, renjun bought, and it worked. he laid comfortably down the sofa, his legs on top of jeno's lap and his head on the armrest.

acting like a king.❞ jeno pushed jaemin's legs out from his lap and he stood up. ❝injunie!

jaemin scoffed at that awfully made nickname and continued to watch the chinese show that was on the flat screen. his nose then scrunched when he saw a chinese actor holding the hand of this japanese actor. ❝they look good together, not going to lie.❞ he then turned to another channel to watch another show.

the small boy standing in front of the refrigerator was surprised by a back hug by jeno, ❝what is it?

let's play, i'm bored.

hello there bored, i'm renjun. go play on your own.❞ the chinese said as he took out a box of milk, pouring it down in a glass.

jeno pouted, watching the chinese drink the milk that was on poured on the glass. he then licked his lips when he saw a drop of milk going down to his chin. he never knew he was this thirsty until he saw renjun drinking a glass of milk.

gosh that tasted so good.❞ renjun said with a satisfied tone.

jeno unconsciously walked closer to the short male and brought his finger up to wipe the liquid on his chin, licking the milk on his finger after.

the fuck jeno!?

the said boy smiled, ❝it does taste good.

renjun pushed jeno away and placed the box of milk back inside the fridge and went to the sink to wash the glass he used, his cheeks still heating up.

c'mon, let's play.❞ jeno wrapped his arms on renjun's waist, lips so close to the short male's neck. he was this near to kissing the exposed neck.

where did the innocent jeno go? ❝where to play?

on the bed.❞ jeno whispered on the chinese's ear.

someone then choked because of it. the two boy turned around and saw jaemin choking on the water he just drank. jaemin covered his mouth, choking aggressively. after a few seconds the pink haired crouched down, thinking about how his soul almost left his body.

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