⌜ thirty five ⌟

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oh, renjun definitely felt like flying

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oh, renjun definitely felt like flying. the wonderful, indescribable pleasure last night made him feel like he was flying.

he didn't regret whatever they did, that's for sure.

waking up with two young adults beside him, naked, was such a sight. remembering what happened last night made him smile, sighing in relief. the countless of 'i love you's that escaped from their mouths, the acceptance of each one, and the wonderful time they had. renjun will surely not forget that. jeno and jaemin too will cherish the moment.

renjun immediately closed his eyes as he saw jeno moving, seconds later he heard a low laugh.

so hot.

i know you're awake.❞ jeno pinched the older's cheeks until he whined.

ah!❞ renjun opened his eyes just to glare at jeno, ❝that hurt.

what else is hurting?❞ the young adult smirked, his hands wrapped around renjun's waist.

to think jeno's going to stop there. renjun felt those sinful hands squish his butt and made him yelp in surprise. ❝jeno!

the male let out a chuckle, leaning forward and connected their lips. what jeno liked about kissing renjun is that he didn't have to start the move, renjun always does it. the older stuck his tongue out and licked jeno's lips, asking for entrance. jeno, being a tease he is, pulled away with a sweet smile.

renjun groaned, pouting.

jeno ran his hands on the short male's hair, playing with it while admiring at how beautiful renjun looks. ❝i love you.

still thinking that it's wrong but renjun decided to ignore it and let the boy know that he too shares the same feeling. ❝i love you too.

satisfied, jeno removed the covers and quickly slipped on a pair of boxers and basketball shorts. ❝i'm going to cook breakfast for us.

renjun purred when jeno ruffled his hair. he then followed the shirtless boy and smiled in adoration as he saw him caressing jaemin's cheeks. the pink haired was clinging into renjun like a koala, can things get any cuter? jeno turned to renjun and then at jaemin who is still sleeping soundly.

nana..❞ jeno leaned down and gave the pink haired a peck on the forehead which received a hum from the sleeping boy.

cotton candy.❞ renjun played with jaemin's hair and hugged the sleeping boy tight.

jeno covered his mouth, preventing a loud squeal that's threatening to come out from his mouth. instead, he took his phone that was placed on top of the bedside table and took a picture of his two soon to be boyfriends which would last longer than just staring at them for the whole day.

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