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wow, you're seriously trying to move on.❞ renjun mumbled as he was going through jeno's gallery, ❝there are less pictures of you and jaemin.

i'm losing space, i'm just deleting the useless things.

renjun's jaw dropped, ❝pictures are not useless!❞ he then gave jeno  his phone, ❝but i know this will happen that is why,❞ he raised his own phone while having that winning smile.

you've got to be kidding me.❞ jeno groaned as he let his head fall down on the table.

i copied all the pictures just in case you want them back.❞ renjun wiggled his brows.

living with this two, he may or may not have started to ship them. they are engaged anyways, he should ship them. everything has a reason and maybe the reason why renjun is babysitting two adults that always argues is make them fall in love with each other. this is going to be fun, he thought.

being a cupid is going to be fun.

jaemin? where are you going?❞ after hearing jaemin's name, jeno raised his head in a flash which earned a look from renjun. he saw the older giving him a teasing smile and so he placed his head back down on the table and acted as if nothing happened.

jaemin raised the bucket which had some sponge and some cleaning detergents inside. ❝i'm cleaning my car.

that's great! i heard jeno is also going to clean his car today.❞ renjun poked the boy's head, ❝right jeno?


definitely!❞ renjun then forced jeno to stand up from his chair, ❝c'mon, i'll help you.

jeno clicked his tongue, he doesn't know why renjun is even trying. he has lost hope, can renjun stop pushing him to jaemin?

the pink haired watched the two and looked away afterwards. ❝i'll be going to the garage first then.❞ seeing renjun's arms wrapped around jeno made him feel weird.

renjun happily dragged the unmotivated jeno out from the house. having the idea of being a cupid made him excited to spend the day pushing jaemin and jeno together. it shocked him into why jeno's the one having feelings for jaemin who definitely has some attitude problems and not the other way around. who wouldn't fall for a smiling ball of sunshine like jeno? jaemin probably. but renjun shook the thoughts of jaemin falling in love with jeno impossible. if he can fall in love with jeno and jaemin too—

wait what? renjun furrowed his brows at what he just thought of for a very split second.

my car is already clean.❞ jeno said, having the most bored tone.

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