⌜ twenty seven ⌟

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❝welcome to my playground!❞ chenle screamed at the top of his lungs, his arms up in the air as he introduced the amusement park to them

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welcome to my playground!❞ chenle screamed at the top of his lungs, his arms up in the air as he introduced the amusement park to them.

jisung rolled his eyes and went to his boyfriend, ❝this is renjun hyung's favorite amusement park, not yours.

my jisung, have you forgotten that my family owns half the share?❞ chenle said proudly.

how rich are you?❞ jisung sometimes forget that chenle is this rich, the short male doesn't act like one.

he just looks like a normal college boy but in reality he owns the world— exaggeration but it almost is that way. everywhere you go you would notice chenle's family name almost in everything. jisung is sure lucky to have chenle.

and did you even ask renjun if you can bring jeno hyung and jaemin hyung with us?❞ jisung leaned down to match chenle's height and for them not hear what they are talking about.

i'm the one paying for us, not him.❞ chenle shrugged, ❝and if i'm not going to spend the day watching yuwin then i'll spend it on watching jaenoren.

jaenoren?❞ chenle and his own dictionary, jisung sighed.

jaemin hyung, jeno hyung, and renjun ge.❞ chenle said, proud for making such ship name.

jisung furrowed his brows, ❝shouldn't that be norenmin then?

if i say it's jaenoren then it's jaenoren.❞ chenle said, crossing his arms.

jisung smiled at the cute action and gave his boyfriend a peck on the lips. ❝as you can see bae, they are awkward with each other.

chenle turned around, ❝the kind of drama i paid for.

meanwhile the three just stood there, waiting for the two youngsters to guide them. both jaemin and jeno didn't want to go but because renjun asked them to, which the older was forced by the couple to ask them, they had no choice but to go with them. renjun is supposed to enjoy this but seems like he can't with these two. after jaemin telling him that jeno is his and jeno confessing to him, he doesn't know what to do.

it's so complicated.

ah!❞ jeno's shout caught the attention of the two, ❝we are at an amusement park for god's sake, we should have fun.

both jaemin and renjun turned to look at each other and then at jeno. they want to have but doesn't know how.

let's put our problems away for today.❞ jeno smiled, placing his arms on jaemin's and renjun's shoulders, ❝let's have fun.

renjun should stop thinking about jeno and jaemin engaged and how it is stopping his feelings towards jeno. ❝let's get it!

jeno gave renjun a look when the short male raised his fist in the air while shouting. the boy then laughed at the cute action which made renjun blush. jaemin just stared at the both of them and had a small smile on his face.

i'll go to chenle and get your passes.❞ renjun excused himself and went to the couple who are lining up to pay for their passes.

it was now jeno and jaemin left alone. ever since that specific day, jeno had always been wanting to talk to jaemin about it but he didn't get the chance to do so and now that they are left alone, maybe it is the right time.

hey, about you falling for two people..

jaemin shook his head, ❝i'm not telling you who they are.

i wasn't even going to ask.❞ jeno said, ❝i just want to know how it feels.

it's beautifully complicated, as what jaemin would describe.

well if you're not going to tell me how it feels then at least give me a hint on who those two are..❞ jeno gave jaemin a pout, obviously trying to act cute.


could they be..❞ jeno gasped, covering his mouth ❝mark and donghyuck?

what? no!❞ jaemin tried to imagine being together with mark and donghyuck and couldn't help but scrunch his nose, ❝why them though?

a wild guess.❞ jeno said, giving jaemin a smile.

they sure are wild.❞ jaemin could remember that one time back in highschool, all he wants was just a banana milk. but instead he caught the two making out beside the vending machine. not only that but it looked like they were going to do it at that spot. with donghyuck being pinned to the wall with his legs wrapped around mark's waist and the older carrying donghyuck, it looked like they'd do it.

you are wild too,❞ jeno giggled, ❝can you kiss me jeno?❞ the older imitated what jaemin said that one time.

the pink haired was a bit flushed and slapped the laughing boy by the arm, ❝i hate you so much.

he knows. jeno badly wants to change that and make jaemin love him. ❝but you love my kisses.

that, jaemin can't deny. he sure loves jeno's kisses and he wondered how it would be like if he gets to kiss renjun. having an imagine of him kissing renjun made him blush, ❝shut up.

speaking of renjun, here he is now approaching them while bringing their passes that needed to be wrapped around their wrist. jeno and jaemin had their eyes on renjun who looked like a prince walking towards them with the sunlight shinning down on him.

the power of huang renjun.

guys?❞ the short male tilted his head to the side as they noticed them spacing out while staring at him.

jeno was the first on to come back to his senses, ❝sorry.❞ he then raised his hand for renjun to wrap the pass on his wrist.

it was jaemin's turn and the pink haired was still in daze. renjun waved his hand in front of the boy's face, ❝jaemin?

you're so beautiful.❞ jaemin suddenly blurted out.

renjun's cheeks heated up while jeno had his brows furrowed. jaemin didn't give him a hint in to who the two people he likes are but it seems like he already knows who one of them is. judging by the look on jaemin's face, jeno guessed that renjun is one of them.

s-snap out of it jaemin.❞ renjun looked down as he took jaemin's hand and wrapped the pass around his wrist.

seeing renjun's reaction made jaemin smile and he then intertwined their fingers together after the older wrapped the pass on his wrist. ❝let's go.

jeno was following them from behind, looking at their hands that were holding each other. he may have feelings for jaemin but he won't lose to him. jeno caught up to the two and grabbed renjun's hand, startling the chinese. renjun turned to jeno and was just greeted by a smile.

all of them then went inside the amusement park with jaemin and jeno holding renjun's hand and both chenle and jisung leading the way.

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