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❝where are you going?❞ jaemin furrowed his brows when the first thing he saw as soon as he woke up was jeno all dressed up

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where are you going?❞ jaemin furrowed his brows when the first thing he saw as soon as he woke up was jeno all dressed up.

jeno took the car keys from the bedside table after checking himself out in the mirror, ❝mom called and said that i need to go to the company.

do i need to tag along?

jeno shrugged, ❝do you want to tag along?

jaemin slowly shook his head as a no, letting his body fall back down on the bed. the older noticed jaemin's morning look; disheveled hair, pouting lips, eyes half opened, and rosy cheeks. he's not going to even deny his feelings for this sleepy boy right here. he may or may not have fallen for jaemin. even jeno wonders how he had fallen when all jaemin does to him is curse at him.

i'm going.

the pink hair just hummed, ❝don't come back.

jeno giggled, he knew it was a joke. but deep inside he was somehow hurt and made him think that what if he really doesn't come back? will jaemin miss him? will jaemin even look for him? jeno scoffed, jaemin would not probably care.

he then fixed his tie before walking towards the door, stumbling at something soft on the ground. he clicked his tongue at that thing but an evil smirk then grew on his lips when he had an idea.

renjun was humming to a song while preparing breakfast for the two. he wasn't used to waking up in the morning and immediately moving his body.

the chinese was about to turn off the stove when a pair of arms were suddenly wrapped around his waist and made him jump back and hit a person's chest. ❝what the..

good morning.❞ a very cute smile greeted the short male.

and that may have caused him to blush, ❝y..you're up early.

jeno sighed as he let his head rest on renjun's shoulder, ❝i'm going somewhere.

renjun removed jeno's arms around his waist and then faced him, staring at him from top to bottom. ❝it's your first time wearing a tie, is it?

jeno pouted, and he thought he finally got it right after fixing it countless of times. ❝should i not wear one? i mean, i will still look good even if i don't wear one.

renjun rolled his eyes at jeno's self-esteem. he then took a step closer to the younger male to undo the tie for him to fix it. he had learn to fix a tie because of chenle who often gets invited at a formal dinner by his family and sometimes jisung tags along.

jeno couldn't help but stare at renjun who looked very serious in just doing a tie. he didn't know why there are times he would be soft whenever he sees renjun but there were also times his insides would go crazy when he looks at renjun.

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