⌜ twenty three ⌟

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❝forget that i just said that

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forget that i just said that.❞ jaemin looked away, his face flushed.

jeno was taken aback when the pink haired asked him to kiss him. he actually thought he didn't like it, he thought he'd receive a beating for stealing his first kiss. and yet here is jaemin doing the complete opposite of what jeno had been expecting, asking the other to kiss him.

m-my ryan plushie..❞ jaemin reached his hand forward, gesturing jeno to give him his plushie. he didn't even dare to look at the boy. ❝you know what, keep it.

jeno watched the pink haired that was about to stand up and leave if it weren't for him holding his wrist. jaemin let out a yelp as he could feel himself being pulled back down and the moment he sat down on jeno's bed is also the moment he felt the older's lips on his.

he didn't know what to do, it was his first— well, second. but the first one was just a peck and now it's different. jeno was moving his lips meanwhile jaemin stayed still with his eyes wide open and with jeno's that are closed. he could feel the older's arms snaking around his waist and he isn't even complaining, not even pushing him away.

feeling something poke his lips, which he guessed it was jeno's tongue, he opened his mouth only to gasped for air and shock when jeno slipped his tongue inside his wet mouth. just when he had just gotten used to jeno's tongue being busy, he let out a disappointing whine when the other stopped.

third step to moving on is to find someone new.❞ jeno flashed a small smile, standing up to leave jaemin alone in his room.

someone new? jaemin had that question in mind after watching jeno leave. renjun had once said that jeno had experienced this already so does that mean that jeno too is finding someone new?

is it renjun?❞ he then felt a sharp pain from his chest as he questioned that to himself.

why did it look like jaemin didn't like to guess that renjun is jeno's someone new? he didn't like the idea of jeno moving on from someone and falling in love with renjun after. it's probably because jeno is engaged to him.

but what's with jeno being engaged to him? didn't he like the boy in the first place? so why did he just used their engagement as the reason why his heart is hurting after finding out that jeno found someone new and that someone new is not him but renjun.

stupid heart.❞ he hit his chest, getting mad at it for being hurt.

jeno got down from the stais with his head just thinking about the kiss he had with jaemin. it felt right and he loved it. but what made him confused is that, he loved kissing both jaemin and renjun. he found it impossible for loving kissing the two, there should be someone much above than the other. but he couldn't choose which one. the butterflies he felt on his stomach when he kissed renjun, he also felt it when he kissed jaemin.

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