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Chapter 2

At evening at 7 pm Avni walked to  the mansion totally exhausted as she had to walk to the cafeteria then back at home.

She walked inside the mansion scarcely as she was late. Entering inside the hall she saw her devil aunt standing by keeping her both hands on her waist.

"Oh the queen has came. Welcome welcome."Hetal said with sarcasm.

"Aa...a..aunt"Avni whispered fearfully while taking some steps toward her.

And Thad !! She fell on the polished surface hardly.

Yes Hetal slapped her making her fall on the ground while holding her cheek. Tears started flowing from her eyes,  hearing the voice Riya who was dancing in her room too came down only to witness Avni on the ground holding her cheek .

"You bi**h where the hell were you who**ing around."Hetal asked while pulling her up from her arms tightly ,making Avni look at her with tearly eyes.

"Dare you look at me like that. I am gonna pluck out your eyes "Hetal said glaring her angrily.

" her go. Its okay. You dont worry I will give her the good punishment for you "Riya said smirking at Avni ,making her lower her lashes.

"Now why are you standing go  make the dinner ready. And then get ready in better clothes. Riya give her some of your rejected dresses"Hetal ordered her then  turned toward Riya at last making her nod.

Hearing her, Avni got confused that why she is asking her to get ready but kept quiet knowing that if she is asked then she will again slap her.

"Oh..okay"Avni said before running inside kitchen and start preparing dinner

She completed making dinner at 8 : 30 then she immediately went to her room or we can say the storeroom and saw some clothes  were lying on the floor ,knowing that who must have kept them . She quickly started to search them and picked out a black anarkali suit with golden embroidery it was simple yet aligant.  Changing into it she looked into the mirror and was amazed to see the dress ,that was complementing her milky which skin very much ,she was as looking very beautiful then she parted her hairs from side and applied some lip gloss ,kajal ,mascara and wore her watch then she took a pendent which was attached with a chain it was her her mother's last memory which was given by her dadda on her 7th birthday before he left her forever . She wiped her tear which scaped from her eyes then sat on the couch near the window while looking  at the sky which was full of stars and moon in the middle. It was looking like moon is the king who is ruling in the sky but is alone just like her he is surrounded by so many stars, but still is alone ,there is no one for him to share his pain , just like her. She smiled sadly looking at him .

"You are alone just like me except I am the darkness of everyone's life ,you are brightness  but still ,no one is there for you, you become the witness of love but you yourself  don't have anyone to share your pain right."Avni whispered sadly when she heard  her aunt calling for her, hurriedly walking down the stairs she saw  an old woman sitting on the couch talking with her uncle the same she glanced at her aunt who walked to her while glaring her making her look down when felt a stinging pain in her arm.

Lowering her lashes she saw Hetal holding it tightly.

"Oh my darling niece you are looking beautiful"Hetal said with a sugar coated voice before hug her forcefully makibg her shocked.

Avni get shocked as its the first time she is speaking so sweetly with her then she look noticed the old lady and her uncle ,who were looking at them. She came out if thoughts hearing Hetal.

"If u make any fuss then see what will I am gonna do with you. Understand "Hetal whispered before moving away from her smiling fakely , holding her hand tightly, then she took her toward the hall while avni hand was paining because of the tight hold and her eyes started teary making her blink her lashes trying to hide her tears.

Then hetal left her hand and signed her to greet the old woman.

"Good evening madam"Avni said sweetly ,giving her a small smile.

"Oh..hello ,child please sit with me "Old woman said making her glance at her aunt for permission  then sat on the couch near her.

"So you are aware of the clauses right. You don't have problem right with this marriage ,you ready??"She asked making Avni shocked and confused when her eyes got widned as reality hitted her hard.

She was asking for the marriage.

Her marriage.

Widening  her eyes quickly  glanced at her uncle who just shrug it ,then to her aunt who just glared her and sign her to say yes.

Making her feel horrible. It was like her soul left her body , her whole world crashed.  How can she marry someone?? Whom she don't know even not his name , if she agrees then what will  happen to her dream her father's wish. How will she fuilfill that, only one word was revolving in her mind was" how". Her mind was screaming inly one thing that how could you do this to me what will happen to my father's dream

She came out of her thoughts feeling pain, upping her lashes she saw her aunt hold her shoulders tightly ,she look down not able to speak anything.

"Oh...ho Mrs khanna my Avni is very shy that's why she will not say anything but believe me she is ready. Right AVNI."Hetal said smiling fakly then glared at Avni which forcing her name.

"Oh Girl  you don't need to feel shy from me, just think me like your grandma as from tomorrow onwards you qre gonna become my grand daughter in law"Mrs Khanna said caressing her hairs softly.

Avni looked at her then slowly nodded.

Then Mrs Khanna gave her lots of blessing and left but not before giving her lots gifts with some expensive  dresses a long with some diamond jewellery.

All the things were taken away by Hetal and  Riya and here Avni stood without caring for anything , lost in her own world. There were many questions in her mind but there was no one who could answer her.

Then she went to her room as she doesn't have any mood to eat and others had eaten earlier only

"Oh bappa why you always do this to me why?? What had I done wrong with you that first you snatched away my mother , my father, even snatched my life from me and now when there was nothing for me lose, so you decided to snatched my dream ,the only reason of my breathing?? Why god?? Why?? How can you be so cruel with me?? why??"Avni shouted  staring at the small idol infront of her then broke down, falling on her knees.

And she cries, tears started to flow from her eyes non stop there is no one who would console, there is no one who can give any hope to her that, don't don't worry everything is going to be alright there was no one who can assure her that  he/ she will always be with her by her side to support her, to love her. That when she will fall , he/ she will hold her hands and will say...

Dont worry everything  will be fine I am with you.

Hi lovies I hope you are liking this story please give your love and support to our Avni. She needs it alot.

Lots of love to u all
Love u all


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