New Beginning

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Chapter 11

Avni smiled remembering him

Avni - dad I will fulfill my promise I will never let anyone came in between me and my dreams not even my emotions.

She said looking at sky full of stars.
"And now it's completed " Avni said smiled at her hard work while radhika squealed happily looking at the delicious cake made by Avni as the design she was trying to make from last two days Avni easily made on the freshly baked cake. And the cake was more delicious than hers which she made to show her skills to her father who was a very kind hearted man and also the owner of the cafe.

Radhika hugged her tightly while jumping happily like a monkey. While Avni just smiled looking at her newly found friend. Its been a week of her getting admission in the collage. It been 4 days since she met Radhika ,her school friend and later got to know that she had also taken admission in the same collage as her.

Few days before both Radhika and Avni were randomly talking when Radhika suggested her to work part time with her. Thinking something Avni happily agreed. Her working hours were not that much only so she can easily study and also it was not that far from the penthouse also . Mostly children's came here from library and near by buildings. It was a good place as Radhika had said.

About Neil well she didnt saw him after that night ,he's trying to avoid her. He leaves early in the morning and late at night. To be honest he thought she didnt noticed but she did . And somewhere that's the reason she thought to join the cafe to be independent.

If he dont want us to link with each other then she too is not dying to be with him.

Next morning Avni got up early as today is her first day of collage which will start at 9. Taking bath she wore skinny jeans and loose top along with a shrug ,with a pair sneakers. Then she braided her hair with a little touch up and at last wore her pendent which was given by her father.

Getting ready she looked at the mirror to see a girl who was beautiful but not happy , whose eyes were shining but there was sadness ,whose lips were trying to smile but were failing miserably.

Avni smile you don't have to be sad today.

She repeated this line in her mind again and again. And took a deep breath , looking at the mirror she smiled , smiled for her parents , smiled for herself.

After getting ready at 7 Avni came down to prepare breakfast as Mrs molly will come late. She decided to make lasagna,some sandwiches with coffee. She arranged the dining table when Neil came down and sat on the chair looking at her making her nervous.

"A..actually Mrs molly will come late so I have prepared the breakfast is that okay??"She asked staring down as its been 4 days of them last seeing each other.

She said looking anywhere but him then at last completing her sentence she looked at him.

Neil nodded and started serving on his plate while she put the coffee cup near him and sat on the chair which was at a great distance from him taking her breakfast.

And started eating.

There was silence . No one was saying anything Avni was trying to ignore him as he too was also not speaking anything.

Coming down he noticed her who was busy in her work. He sat on the dinning table staring her sneakily. Well ,it was the first time he saw her like this looking beautiful in a casual dress without revealing a bit of her extra skin. Her eyes were shining.

Maybe she was going somewhere.

But where??

Neil stop it !! Its her life.

He then looked at her who said something but he heard nothing so he just nodded and started serving himself.

He was eating and looked at her who took only a sandwich with a cup coffee ,taking small bites from it nervously.

Does she eat this much only.

He thought looking at her.

Neil ignore her,its her wish and like she already made it clear,you both dont need to interfere in each other's life.

He clenched his fist looking at her and stood while pushing his plate and left not before glaring her.

Avni who was eating silently looked at him hearing the voice , who left glaring her.

What happened to him suddenly?

Is he a bipolar???

Leave it Avni ,just finish your breakfast and leave.

She stood in front of her collage smiling brightly. She looked around to see students talking laughing among themselves some were happy some were nervous.

Taking small step she stood at the doorstep of her class after taking her class schedule looking at her class. She was standing when suddenly someone bumped into her hardly and she was going to fall on her face but balanced herself.

Turning around she saw Radhika.

"Radhika you"Avni said staring her

"Sorry actually I was very excited looking around and I slipped on the floor " Radhika said making shook her head at her behavior but smiled.

They sat beside each other and started arranging their things on the desk, soon the professor came.

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