Were you having a date wifey?

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 30

Neil after landing , sat inside his car and drove to his penthouse.

Reaching there, he got down from his the car and streched a little as his body was paining due to lack of rest. But he felt happy after returning back.

Entering the passcode he moved inside the hall only to get shocked seeing the decorstion on the table which was placed infront of the tv and behind it has someone standing facing their back toward him.

He very well knew who it was.

Its her.

His one and only masterpiece.

"Turn" he asked her.

Hearing him Avni frozed not knowing what to do.

Oh god what he's doing here at this times ??

Why he always come at wrong time??

Why I always have to embarass myself in front of him always.

Now what should I do.

She made a cry face

"I said turn" he said again making her come into reality and turned slowly.

"What are you doing here" She asked him to which he raised his eyebrow at her, making her realise her question.

"Its your house only...yeah ...I mean you returned early" She said smiling nervously.

"Yeah why do you have any problem" he asked her narrowing his eyes.

"No...why should I be"

"What this is all and what are you doing at this late" he asked her while putting his both hand in his pocket raising his one eyebrow questioning her.

Now what should I reply him.

I cant tell him the truth.

He will think me crazy.

"Were you having a date wifey"

"No...I...I was....I was..ummm...smelling....yeah I was just smelling flowers you know" she said licking her lips nervously without thinking while his eyes followed her every move.

Control Neil

"What" he asked confusingly

Really! Avni what an excuse.

"Umm...I..was enjoying the beauty of nature by smelling flowers" she said nervously trying to correct herself

"At this time" he asked

"Umm...yes actually I read somewhere that smelling flower at night  is beneficial for our body" She said smiling like a fool while nodding her head in yes.

"Okay lets do this together" he said putting his coat on the couch moving toward her.

"Wha....what??" she asked widening her eyes , taking steps back but then stopped feeling a table behind.

"Smell flower lets do it together" he said bending foward near her face making her blink her lashes nervously.

"Neil....I..i" she started but was sussed by him.

"Next time think for a better excuse and this is not my house its our" he spoke last two words bending near her ear while tucking her baby hairs behind her ear, making her widen her eye.

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