Her Dilemma

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This book is originally published on wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 34

"Ji Shweta ji" Neela said and both again started laughing when they heard someone's voice.

"What happened to her?"

Entering inside the room Neil asked confusingly staring at Shweta then looked at Neela.

"Mom..you here and....."

"Oh..hello Aunt, how are you?" he said noticing Neela on videocall.

"I am good you tell ,I have heard that you are behaving strange right Shwetaji" Neela asked teasingly staring at Neil who sat on the bed beside Shweta.

"Yes...Right...right." Shweta said nodding her head in yes.

"What?? What do you mean? " he asked confusingly looking at his mother then to Neela ,both were giving teasing look to him.

"Nothing.. you tell what happen to you." Neela said chuckling with Shweta.

"What should I tell you. This  daughter of yours, never speak anything and if I try go near her, then seeing me she runs away like I am a ghost. Always busy either in studies or in kitchen." He complained like a child making both mother's smile.

"Neil I know that you are trying to make your marriage work. And I am glad about it, I know she is introvert and will not say even if something will hurt her but please take time and try to understand her. You don't know but her life was very tough. She had undergone many hardships at the very tender age ,the time many girls were enjoying their school life that time she was working hard for her dreams. Anyways its not my place to tell you all this but I can only request you , please take care of her. I know she will never tell you about her problems but please do not leave her alone ,you don't know about her but believe me once she will find a safe place in you then she herself will share everything with you." Neela said not able to control her emotion.

"Aunt you don't worry , now she's my responsibility and I promise you that I will always take care of her ,will never let anyone hurt her." Neil said making her smile.

"I wish you two to have a happy future ahead. But I am angry with you."Neela said making him look at Shweta confusingly.

"Why aunt??" Neil asked lowering his lashes at her.

"What's this aunt ? Call me Ma like Avni calls me." Neela said making them smile.

"Okay aun...Neelama" he said correcting himself.

"Okay now I should be ending the call. Bye Shwetaji Bye Neil." Neela said disconnecting the call.

"My boy, I am proud of you" Shweta said caressing his hair lovingly making him smile.
"Ma actually I need to go out somewhere so can I go. I promise I will come back soon." Avni asked.

All were having sitting in the dinning table having there lunch except Prakash as he was out for some work and Neil was also leaving for some meeting.

Hearing her voice Neil looked up at her.

"Haa putter(child) you can go wherever you want you dont need to ask me." Shweta said

"Maa you will be alone but I promise that I will  try to come soon. As it was urgent so I couldn't able to deny" Avni said

"Naah putter don't worry about me ,you go" Shweta said

I am sorry ma for lying to you. But I can't tell you the truth now.

"Thank you ma" Avni said giving her a small smile.

"Avni come I will drop you there" Neil said sitting inside his car.

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